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Leslie Morris, Senior Consultant, Graduate Medical Education, College of Medicine

Ep 10 Leslie Morris

April 04, 2024

Episode 10 of the Learning Curve Podcast, interview with Leslie Morris

Episode 9, The Learning Curve podcast, interview with Kristin Powers

Ep 9 Kristin Powers

February 12, 2024

Episode 9 with Alex Walters interviewing Kristin Powers on Educational Technology in the College of Dental Medicine

The Learning Curve podcast featuring Denzil Coleman, MHIT  Program Manager, Digital Innovation, Office of Innovation

Episode 8 Denzil Coleman

November 16, 2023

Alex Walters interviews Denzil Coleman, Program Manager, Digital Innovation, in the Office of Innovation

The Learning Curve podcast, episode 7 with Liz Gumbiner

Episode 7 Liz Gumbiner

October 24, 2023

Episode 7 of the Learning Curve podcast has host Alex Walters chatting with Liz Gumbiner, Director of Student Financial Literacy

The Learning Curve podcast, featuring Dusti Anan-Coultas

Episode 6 Dusti Annan Coultas

September 08, 2023

Episode 6 of the Learning Curve podcast features Dusti Annan-Coultas talking with Alex Walters about Interprofessional Initiatives at MUSC

Jennifer Wisniewski, PharmD, BCPS  Assistant Professor for the College of Pharmacy

Episode 4 Jennifer Wisniewski

May 25, 2023

Join your host, Alex Walters on the Learning Curve podcast as he talks with Jennifer Wisniewski about backward design

The Learning Curve podcast featuring three faculty members talking about k12 to higher education

Episode 3 K12 to Higher Ed

April 25, 2023

The Learning Curve podcast, featuring conversations about learning from kindergarten through twelfth grade to higher education 

The Learning Curve podcast featuring Bryant Seamon

Episode 2 Bryant Seamon

March 22, 2023

Episode 2 of The Learning Curve, talking with Bryant Seamon about innovation education at MUSC

Showing 1 – 10 (of 10)