Office of Enrollment Management

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Office of Enrollment Management
Medical University of South Carolina
45 Courtenay Drive, MSC 203
Charleston, SC 29425-2030

843-792-2536     FAX: 843-792-6356

Financial Aid
843-792-2536    FAX: 843-792-6356

Registrar and Records
843-792-2536    FAX: 843-792-6356

Reporting and Data
843-792-2536    FAX: 843-792-6356

Executive Director of Enrollment Management Melissa Freeland
Registrar Pat Cassano
Associate Registrar Kristen Hua
Director of Financial Aid Tami Wyndham-Cooke
Associate Director of Financial Aid Tori Scott
Director of Admissions Lyla Hudson
Associate Director of Admissions Julie Douglas
Director of University Reporting Stan Sulkowski
Office Operations Coordinator Jenny Damewood
Non-Degree Seeking Student Coordinator Vacant
Residency Officer Lyla Hudson
Transcripts Linda Kinloch
Tuition Reimbursement for MUSC Employees Only Linda Kinloch
Veteran Affairs Vacant
Federal Work-Study Coordinator Bernie Rodriguez
College of Dental Medicine Students  
- Admissions Lauren Chapman 
- Records/Verifications/Deferments Linda Kinloch
- Financial Aid Tori Scott
College of Graduate Studies Students  
- Admissions OEM Admissions
- Records/Verifications/Deferments Vacant
- Financial Aid Vacant 
College of Health Professions Students  
- Admissions (MHA, DHA, PT, & OT) Jovena Mouzone
- Admissions (CVP, AFN, & HIN) Teisha Neitz
- Admissions (PA) LaTanya Thornhill
- Admissions (HCS) Jenny Damewood
- Admissions (HRS) OEM Admissions
- Admissions (SLP) LaTanya Thornhill
- Records/Verifications/Deferments Bill Liner
- Financial Aid (PT, OT, SLP, PA, MHA, & DHA)
- Financial Aid (HIN, AFN, HCS, HRS, & CVP)
College of Medicine Students  
- Admissions (MD) Colleen Cannon
- Admissions (MD/PhD)
Amy Connolly
- Admissions (MPH) OEM Admissions
- Records/Verifications/Deferments Karen Henriksen
- Financial Aid (MD)
Nora Siwarski
- Financial Aid (MPH)
College of Nursing Students  
- Admissions (BSN and RN-BSN) Anna Goodwin
- Admissions (DNP and PhD) Anna Goodwin
- Records/Verifications/Deferments Vacant
- Financial Aid
Rodney Jones
College of Pharmacy Students  
- Admissions Julie Douglas
- Records/Verifications/Deferments Linda Kinloch
- Financial Aid Tori Scott
Financial Aid Administrative Assistant Marie Watson
Financial Aid Systems Analysis and Reports Evans Jenkins
Commencement Pat Cassano
Receptionist Bernie Rodriguez