March 2021 College of Health Professions updates from Dean Zoher F. Kapasi

Zoher F. Kapasi
March 09, 2021
Dean Zoher F. Kapasi in his office.

Dear CHP alumni and donors,

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since we stepped away from the MUSC campus, for what we thought would be only two weeks, to help flatten the curve in South Carolina. Although I have said it before, it bears repeating – this last year was hard, but it was also a year of growth. Despite the challenges we all faced, the stories of perseverance from you, faculty, staff and students continue to give us all hope for the future.

Many of you still are on the front lines during this pandemic or working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the public and your colleagues' safety. No matter your role, we would like to thank you for all of your hard work and for continuing to be the embodiment of the College of Health Profession's mission.

The coronavirus was not the only thing that challenged us this year. Through tragic events, we were reminded that we must continue to work toward a future where every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

I believe that the challenges presented to us were also an opportunity for growth as individuals and a community. As a college, we adapted to online learning and can use that knowledge for continued growth to positively impact South Carolina and beyond. We challenged processes that were in place because "they had always been done that way" to find new and innovative ways to get work done. Every individual in our college worked as hard as possible to ensure that our students received the high quality education they deserve. And we continue to do the work necessary to eliminate racism and give a voice to marginalized groups.

As individuals, many of us rekindled old friendships and found renewed joy in old hobbies; and some of us found new pastimes and enjoyed the quality time we were given with family. I want to acknowledge and offer condolences to those in our community who have lost someone due to COVID-19. Know that our thoughts are with you.

I hope we will continue to grow next year as we begin to transition back to a normal life. I want to thank you for your continued support, and I hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay well.

Zoher F. Kapasi, PT, Ph.D., MBA, FAPTA
Dean and professor
College of Health Professions