ETH 705

ETH 705 - Key Ethical Concepts in Clinical and Translational Investigation

Course Description: This course is intended as a follow-up course for ETH/MCR 750 and ETH/IP 738. This course builds on the introductory CTRE core competencies addressing many of the key issues in clinical research ethics in depth. It analyzes more deeply ethical issues in such areas as data management, vulnerable populations, ethical issues in alcohol and drug abuse research, international clinical research, relations between law and research ethics, moral agency, and social determinants of health. Two Credit hour Spring Semester course.

Course Objectives:  As with the other components of the CTRE Fellowship Program, each weekly lesson focuses on expanding the student’s knowledge and understanding of the key competencies associated with clinical research ethics. This course is intended to enable the students to function with optimal efficiency and effectiveness during their own work in research by deepening their understanding of clinical and translational research ethics and responsibilities.

The course will be available online and is set up as a series of Topic Modules in specific areas of CTRE. Students will be responsible for viewing all lectures and completing all assignments for each topic module by end of the semester.