ETH 738

ETH 738 - Seminar Series in Clinical and Translational Research Ethics

Course Description: This online seminar series expands the range of educational opportunities for learners who are interested in clinical and translational research ethics (CTRE). It comprises 1 to 1.5 hour-long asynchronous seminars each week with leaders from MUSC research administration and clinical/translational investigators and invited guests from other institutions, each of whom focuses on the relation of their offices and activities to CTRE. Each seminar will be followed by small group discussions online. 1 Credit hour Fall Semester course.

Course Objectives: Each weekly seminar focuses on the relation of CTRE relative to the particular office, position, or research domain of the speaker.

Specific Objectives:

  • To provide the students with a broad view and understanding of CTRE from the broadest range of relevant perspectives, from both research-related administrators and deeply engaged clinical and translational investigators.
  • To enable the participants to function with optimal efficiency and effectiveness during their own work in research by deepening their understanding of research ethics and responsibilities from a wide variety of viewpoints.
  • To interact with faculty, staff, and students from other MUSC colleges as well as health care professionals from other institutions to learn about each other and about the values and perspectives of their respective disciplines, preparing them for future collaboration.
  • To sharpen the sense of teamwork by working in small groups with other Fellows to develop case studies in Clinical Research Ethics.

The course will be available online. Students will be responsible for viewing weekly seminars and participating in the corresponding online asynchronous group forum discussions, as well as completing a Final Project based on an assignment movie on research ethics at the end of the semester.

*MUSC’s IP 738 course may be substituted for ETH 738 course for Fellowship credit.