ETH 750

ETH 750 - Ethical Issues in Clinical Research

Course Description: Emphasis will be placed on the ethical issues associated with clinical research and practice. The class will focus on review of the competencies involved in the conduct of ethically responsible research. The process of assessing ethical issues in research and study will be described. The ethical considerations in collaborative research, study design and implementation, data management, data analysis, data interpretation and results presentation and publication will be described. The course will consider evolving ethical issues in clinical research including human subjects and conflict of interest. 1 Credit hour Fall Semester course.

Course Objectives: To familiarize students with the specific ethical issues involved in the planning, implementation and completion of research.  Emphasis will be placed on conflict of interests, informed consent, protecting vulnerable populations, ethical issues in data interpretation and publication, reference citing and plagiarism, honor code, and the process for resolving ethical issues. In addition, the specific Clinical Research Ethics core competencies in the responsible conduct of clinical and translational research will be explicitly addressed.

The course will include a class participation system and will be available online. Students will be responsible for viewing weekly lectures and completing the short corresponding lecture quiz, participating in weekly online asynchronous group forum discussions, and completing a Final Project at the end of the semester.

*MUSC’s MCR 750 course may be substituted for ETH 750 course for Fellowship credit.