Fellow Graduate Testimonials

A challenging, informative curriculum led by an array of talented professionals with backgrounds in health policy, law, medicine, and humanities. Very beneficial, highly recommended!
-Patricia Carey, PhD, MDiv 

For me, the highlight of being a CTRE fellow is the interdisciplinary training. As the Coordinator of my Institutional Ethics Committee and Stem Cell Research Committee, this fellowship helped me to broaden my understanding of bioethics and ethical issues. Over the course of the fellowship, I found myself excited to participate with other fellows, shared my views, suggestions, and analyses, as well as being surrounded by a group of faculty and fellows who were passionate and truly generous with their knowledge and ideas. Due to the broad-based aspect of the fellowship, I can effectively & scientifically contribute to my work.
-Ms. C.S. Sreepriya. MA, LLB, MBA

I participated in the CTRE fellowship as a new faculty member at MUSC in veterinary medicine with no exposure to human clinical research.  I learned a lot about the ethics of clinical research and enjoyed the online format that I could flexibly schedule into my work life.  Perhaps more than the enjoyment of learning ethics, I valued meeting program faculty and fellows with interests similar to mine.  I highly recommend the CTRE fellowship.
-M.A. McCrackin, DVM, PhD

I thoroughly enjoyed the CTRE course. Its format and delivery exceeded my expectations. Very thought-provoking content with a workload that was manageable while I worked full-time. A ‘must-do’ for anyone involved in human subject research.
-Moby Madisetti, MSc

The CTRE Fellowship Program provided me with outstanding training that will be extremely beneficial as I move forward in my career as a clinical scientist. The knowledge that I gained as part of this program helps me to feel more confident that I am conducting my research in an ethical manner. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this fellowship program and would like to encourage others to participate as well. It is definitely worth the time and effort.
-Brian Bunnell, PhD

The Fellowship Program helped put in perspective situations we face every day as physicians and researchers. Discussion forums were invaluable to understand how each scientist approaches ethically challenging dilemmas.
-Habib Rizk, M.D., MSCR

While the Research Ethics program began as an opportunity to bolster my resume, it grew into much more throughout my coursework. It truly drew my attention to the world of clinical research and really made me evaluate my ethical values, research-related and otherwise.
-Richard Slay, BS, MSMS Candidate

I continue to use the concepts learned in CTRE in my bedside care as a pediatric intensivist. Recently I was fortunate enough to join the group of faculty working with Dr. Schenck on the ethics of CRISPR ... exciting stuff. 
-Elizabeth Mack, MD, MS