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Candidate Information

Graduates Need to Arrive - At 8:00 a.m. to the Drug Discovery building with your academic regalia (mortarboard cap, gown, hood, tassel). Candidates receive a line-up card with their position clearly identified by number and either an "L" (for LEFT line) or an "R" (for RIGHT line). Candidate marshals supervise the line-up. Two lines (a LEFT line and a RIGHT line) will form for each college.There will be staff on hand to direct you and get you into the proper line.  

Ceremony - Commencement will be held at 9:00 a.m., May 18, 2019, in the Horseshoe on the Medical University of South Carolina Campus at 171 Ashley Ave.

Adverse Weather Plan - If the day brings adverse weather, Commencement Exercises will be held at 9:30 a.m. at The Citadel, McAlister Field House, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC 29409. Graduates need to arrive at 8:00am.  Adverse Weather Location Parking will be at the Johnson Hagood Stadium parking lot located at 68 Hagood Avenue. Buses will bring the guests from the Stadium to the McAlister Field House. Strollers and bags will not be permitted at this event. Clear Bags Only. Please refer to the Adverse Weather Plan page for details. 

Commencement Day Participation - Students may complete degree requirements at the end of the Spring semester, or the Summer semester, or the Fall semester, although the University conducts only one graduation ceremony held in the month of May. Students graduating in August and December are eligible to participate in the following May commencement ceremony. By special permission from their Dean, students expecting to complete requirements in August may participate in the prior May ceremony. Students completing their requirements in May are expected to participate in the May ceremony. (Student fees are used to pay for one diploma, mailing/handling and related Commencement activities.) Students are expected to file with the Office of Enrollment Management one online form related to graduation: the Commencement Application Form, filed the semester before the candidate's final semester.

Commencement Rehearsal - MUSC does not conduct a rehearsal prior to Commencement day. 

Decorum for the event - The commencement ceremony is undeniably of great importance to each of you, to your guests who are here to celebrate with you, to the faculty, and to the University's special guests. To preserve the proper degree of dignity that this highly academic occasion warrants, the Deans of the Colleges, the University Provost, and the President request that you and your guests do not interrupt the ceremony with inappropriate expressions. By refraining from disrupting the ceremony, you and your guests will allow the awarding of degrees to progress rapidly and with dignity.Your cooperation is appreciated.

Guest Seating - There are no tickets required to attend the event. Seating is limited. Guests will be able to stand and view the ceremony from appropriate places within the horseshoe. Guests may also view the ceremony televised on a screen in several buildings across campus. Staff will be on hand to assist in identifying the locations.

Purse and Valuables -  Please do not bring personal items with you that will not fit into your pockets as there is no place to store them during the event (purses, cameras, hangers, umbellas). Once you walk across the stage you will NOT return to your original seat.

Photography - In an effort to inform the parents of graduates about photos at the upcoming Commencement ceremony, Chapell Graduation Images has developed a new preregistration system which allows the graduates and/or their parents to provide their email and mailing address information to Chappell prior to the ceremony. They can also add up to 6 family members' contact information as well to help share the good news and the photos! Graduates can preregister their own email address, as well as addresses for friends and family. Graduation Images will contact them just as soon as their photos are available for online viewing and ordering. Visit GradImages to register at

Regalia - The academic costume consists of black gown of the appropriate degree level, mortarboard cap, hood and tassel. The MUSC hood color (inside) is gold and black the outside trim is associated to the degree awarded. Only one hood may be worn. For combined, dual degrees the color is that of the higher degree is worn. MUSC Honor Cords will also be worn as awarded by the College and University.  We do not permit any supplementary ornamentation to the Academic Regalia. Please be advised that you will be walking across campus, on sidewalks, in grass, and up and down ramps as well as across the stage.

Diplomas - Diplomas are mailed to August and December graduates in the month following completion of requirements, but are presented to May graduates during the Commencement ceremony.  Diplomas not presented during Commencement, may be picked up on campus beginning the Monday after Commencement in the Office of Enrollment Management. 

Transcripts - Official transcripts that you have already ordered will be mailed out as soon as your degree is posted usually the week after graduation. Remember that effective immediately after you graduate, the cost of transcripts is $20.00 per paper copy and $10.00 per electronic copy. Free copies are provided to enrolled students if your request is received prior to your date of graduation.

Student Holds - You will receive your diploma cover when you cross the stage; however, your actual diploma will not be available on the day of the event. It will be mailed once all of your requirements have been fulfilled. 

Parking - The following garages will be open for parking on commencement day. Bee Street Garage (122 Bee Street), President Street Garage (91 President Street).  Campus Map

Reserved Seating for Disabled Guests - Commencement guests who are disabled are eligible to receive a pass for themselves and for one assistant to sit in a special reserved section. Seating in this area is limited. Passes will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. This reserved section is located next to the candidate seating facing the platform.  Ushers will be present to collect passes and to give assistance as needed.

Reserved Parking for Disabled Guests - Guests who are disabled are also eligible for reserved parking in the Ashley Rutledge Garage entrances are located at 135 Rutledge Ave and 158 Ashley Ave.  Only one parking pass is available to each candidate. To request Disabled Guest Seating or Parking passes, please complete the Parking Request form beginning April 2, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. Campus Map