Saving and Investing

In order to gain financial security, you must save and invest.  Even saving the smallest amount leads you toward financial success.  You should commit to putting a certain amount of each paycheck into a savings account.  With online and mobile banking, it’s easy to keep track of your savings.  Plan, set goals, and achieve them.

Understand the time value of money and compound interest.  A current dollar earns interest up until the future dollar is received.  A dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future.  The longer you can invest, the more you are able to increase the income potential of the investment.  If you are only able to invest for a short time, you should be more conservative.  If you are investing for something in the near future, you want to be sure there is not much risk involved.  You don’t want to lose your principle investment.  On the other hand, for retirement, you have longer to invest and more time to make up for potential losses.