Educational Software

The Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty resources supports the implementation of various university wide educational softwares to enhance teaching and learning. We can provide assistance or training as you incorporate these tools into your teaching practice.

A-Z List of Tools

Educational Software
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Blackboard Ally an accessibility tool integrated in Brightspace used to build a more inclusive learning environment
D2L Brightspace
a learning management system used university wide to house easily accessible online courses
FeedbackFruits an integrated activities tool used to boost student engagement and collaboration
an interactive content program integrated in Brightspace to provide engaging content for a variety of needs and purposes
Microsoft Teams*

a communication software that provides videoconferencing, chat, and file storage
a flexible, easy-to-use lecture capture solution
a real-time polling program that enhances student engagement
a suite of tools integrated in Brightspace for improvement of student writing and checking for plagiarism

*This tool is owned by Information Solutions. For any technical questions, please contact their team.