A message from Dean Linda Weglicki

Dean Linda Weglicki
February 25, 2021
Dean Linda Weglicki
Dean Weglicki

To say that last year was unprecedented and memorable would be an understatement. Still, I am proud to share with you that the college stands tall. We successfully navigated the day-to- day challenges by continually shifting and making needed adjustments to keep moving forward.

I know you will not be surprised that the college's administrative leaders, faculty, staff and students were not only innovative in how we successfully met each new challenge, but we remained forward-thinking, creative, flexible and resilient while maintaining our high-quality programs and priorities.

Dean Weglicki greets new ABSN students MUSC College of Nursing Students
In January, Dean Weglicki greeted new ABSN students at the College of Nursing. Students received their stethoscopes, picked up nursing kits, completed computer checks with the IT team, had respirator fittings, and finally met some of the Students Services team in person after months of communicating via email. All safety precautions were taken, including face coverings, temperature checks and social distancing.

I was so impressed by the ongoing shared commitment of the entire college workforce to maintain our high standards of excellence in each of our tripartite mission areas – education, research and practice. We assured our students that our decisions and processes were guided by the primary aim of continuing their education at the highest level possible with minimal interruption and often with little lead time. To achieve this goal, we successfully implemented carefully developed protective plans for the entire College of Nursing family and our surrounding communities that prioritized their safety and well-being and aligned with federal and state health guidelines. We value our responsibility to serve as professional role models of best practices as we each continue to minimize exposure and reduce the health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We also recognize the important role we have in being part of the solution as COVID-19 vaccines are “getting into the arms” of the citizens of South Carolina.

Moving forward, the college will continue to navigate through this uncharted territory and explore pathways to the future. Last year, following a dedicated and open process that involved faculty and staff, we approved the College of Nursing's new five-year strategic plan, Roadmap to the Future. In our plan, you will see that we will continue to cultivate compassionate nurse leaders, create sustainable practice models, conduct research that results in the generation and advancement of scientific knowledge, and ensure that our culture values integrity, innovation and inclusivity. Our roadmap sets the stage for us to carry out our vision and mission by being open and innovative. It also allows us to be nimble as we implement our goals and priorities while responding quickly to future unknown challenges.

Throughout 2020, I was so thankful for everyone's remarkable response to the countless challenges presented to us. While our nation continues to respond to the pandemic, social conflicts, political confusion and unrest, and environmental concerns – one thing is absolutely certain: I am so very grateful to have been on this unforgettable journey with our MUSC College of Nursing family.

Please stay safe and well.

Linda S. Weglicki, Ph.D., R.N.
Dean and professor