Join Us In Welcoming 2019-2020 Charleston Consortium Psychology Intern Class

April 20, 2019

This year, the Charleston Consortium Psychology Internship placed 24 positions into the national match. These slots were spread across the seven tracks of our training program (General Internship, Adult Psychopathology, Behavioral Medicine, Child, Neuropsychology, Substance Abuse, and Traumatic Stress), and we filled all 24 of them! We are extremely pleased with, and proud of, this cohort. Some highlights of this group:

In terms of scholarly productivity, the incoming cohort of interns has already published, on average, 8.1 peer-reviewed publications. Two of the incoming interns have been awarded NIH Predoctoral Training (NRSA F31) grants, and a third has received an NIMH R36 grant to support her dissertation research.

With respect to geographical representation, this is one of our more wide-ranging classes in some time. It include representatives from every region of the country, and one from Canada!

In terms of individual diversity, fully 25% of the class qualifies as "Under-Represented in Medicine" (African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander/Native American) according to MUSC's definition, and beyond that, we also have interns of Asian and Southeast Asian descent in the class.

We look forward to welcoming this group to campus in August, and expect them to carry on the fine traditions of the program!

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