Alumni Council

Council Bylaws | Council Members

What is the purpose of the MUSC College of Health Professions Alumni Council?

  • To promote and continue the bond of good fellowship amongst alumni, faculty and staff members, students and the university.
  • To provide members opportunities for involvement in the progress and growth of the college and the university.
  • To support the college and the university in the education and health affairs policies of the state.
  • To assist willingly in the university’s educational activities and student programs.
  • To demonstrate steadfast loyalty to the tradition of professional and educational excellence maintained by the university.

How does the council accomplish these goals? The association promotes loyalty and pride in the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Health Professions (CHP) and its mission and strives to:

  • Increase the impact of alumni on the college’s future through alumni involvement, volunteerism, and participation in fundraising initiatives.
  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of alumni ideas and views.
  • Enhance health professions education through the promotion of enduring relationships between alumni, students, residents, and the medical community.

Who can be a member of the CHP Alumni Council?

The primary requirements are that members are alumni of the College of Health Professions, who have a sincere desire to advance the mission and objectives of the college. Members are volunteers and are not compensated. Additional attributes include:

  • Belief in the college’s mission.
  • Attendance at council meetings.
  • Engagement and promotion of college initiatives.
  • Consideration of a personal philanthropic investment.
  • At all times and in all ways, the council shall endeavor to advance the interests of the college and university.  

How long would I be a member of the alumni council?

Terms of membership are three years. 

How much of a time commitment is expected?

Members are expected to regularly participate in alumni council meetings, which are held at least twice a year. Meetings usually last two hours and are typically held at midday. If a member is unable to be physically present, they can join the meeting via conference call. 

Who’s leading the charge?

The Medical University of South Carolina College of Health Professions Alumni Association shall be governed by a duly elected alumni council. The council shall consist of no more than 20 members, to include the president, immediate past-president, president-elect, secretary, at least one individual from each of the active academic programs, one individual from amongst CHP’s discontinued programs, and the Health Administration Alumni Network President. Ex-officio members include the dean of the College of Health Professions, the executive director and/or associate director of Alumni Affairs (ex-officio member who shall serve as head of the administrative staff of the council) and the college’s development director and development associate. Directors must be a member in good standing of the Medical University of South Carolina College of Health Professions Alumni Association and support CHP philanthropically through an annual gift at a leadership level.