September 2019 College of Health Professions updates from Dean Zoher F. Kapasi.

Zoher F. Kapasi
September 18, 2019
Dean Zoher F. Kapasi in his office.
Dean Zoher F. Kapasi

Dear CHP alumni and donors,

On behalf of our faculty members, staff, and students, I would like to thank each of you for your commitment and dedication to the college! It is my pleasure to share with you some exciting updates from CHP.

As you know, it is our vision to improve the health of populations by developing and inspiring health scientists and leaders. In support of that vision, we continue our search for a new faculty member to bolster our health services research expertise, and we continue to plan for growth in our current programs with the addition of new online/hybrid programs, which we hope to announce in the near future.

While I am excited about our progress towards addressing our strategic initiatives, it is not the only thing we have to celebrate at CHP.

  • Chairwoman for the Department of Healthcare Leadership & Management and director of the Master in Health Administration Division, Jami Jones, Ph.D., won the Myron Fottler Exceptional Service Award from the Academy of Management’s Health Care Management Division. The award is for exceptional service to the division over the last 10 years.
  • Elizabeth Brown, Ph.D., was invited to join Academy Health’s Research and Policy Interest Group Advisory Committee. The group fosters collaborations and aim to inform decision making and to foster dialogue among and between state- and national- level health services researchers and policy analysts.
  • Master of Health Administration student James Harrelson was awarded a $3,000 scholarship from the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation. The foundation was established in 1999 to assist local Charleston students who have physical disabilities with their secondary educational costs and to increase awareness of their needs.
  • The Master of Science in Health Informatics program was recently reviewed and accepted as a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Approved Education Partner.

I am so proud of what is being accomplished within our college and it simply could not be done without your support!

Zoher F. Kapasi, Ph.D., PT
Dean and professor
College of Health Professions

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