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SGA 2023-2024 Executive Candidates


Nour Hijazi

Nour Hijazi

Personal Statement: In my time at MUSC, I have been lucky to have the opportunity to serve and get to know the community through my four-year involvement in SGA. I first served as the International Student Association representative in a dual role as President of ISA. I joined SGA's Academic Affairs Committee and worked alongside the Academics VP that year. I represented the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) the following year and joined the SGA President's Student Welfare Committee. At the end of my second year with SGA, I was chosen as the CGS Representative of the Year by the Executive Committee. Following that, the MUSC student body elected me to serve as the Academic VP, a position I've held for two consecutive years. My experience as Academic VP has been nothing but enriching. With the help of my fellow Executive Officers, advisor, and committee members, I conducted an in-depth review of the SGA constitution and by-laws, oversaw SGA's annual budget, kept a running log of expenses, chaired the Academic Affairs Committee, and represented the student voice on multiple university-wide committees such as the Academic Re-Entry Task Force and Student Affairs Advisory Council. I also developed several new initiatives that include: (1) transitioning to an online voting software that maintains transparency and allows virtual representatives to participate in decision-making and (2) conducting a bi-weekly constitution quiz to SGA representatives to encourage understanding of the SGA constitution. My time on SGA has been exceptional, and I am proud to have served my community in this way. Experiencing the SGA transition from in-person (pre-COVID) to completely virtual and, finally, to hybrid has been particularly special. I learned how to be flexible, and it prepared me to work in unprecedented situations. I am confident in my deep understanding of the inner workings of SGA and how vital it is to the enhancement of student life. I believe I can and will serve your interests most effectively as President of SGA; as reflected by my continuing dedication and contributions.

Platform Statement: As President of SGA, I aim to bring several new initiatives to campus while fulfilling my constitutional duties. My experience in student leadership at MUSC has given me a unique perspective on areas where we can improve the MUSC student experience. Firstly, to serve as a base for my proposed SGA initiatives, I plan on lobbying for an increase in the SGA budget. Our budget has been stagnant despite inflation and overall price increases. The increase in funding will allow flexibility in event planning, more discounted ticket prices for SGA events, added support for student groups who receive funding from SGA, and wiggle room to develop new initiatives. For one, I aim to establish a relationship with Charleston’s Post and Courier to offer MUSC students a free or discounted online subscription. As future leaders of our community, we need resources that help to keep us in touch with our broader community, and the Post and Courier is a Pulitzer prize-winning local gem. The staggering inflation rate we are experiencing has also made it impossible for us to find affordable rentals. When I was a representative on the Student Welfare Committee in 2020, we began to brainstorm how SGA could help address this issue. Last year as VP, I helped the Financial Literacy Interest Group (FLIG) obtain a representative position in SGA, reflecting my continued interest in our student body’s financial well-being. As SGA President and Chair of the Student Welfare Committee, I want to initiate a student-led task force that partners with local apartment complexes to offer discounted prices for students. The MUSC student body, much like Charleston, is a diverse community. While on SGA, I’ve learned that there is an increased need on campus for gender-neutral restrooms. Inclusive restrooms will benefit members of our community who are transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming people, and families with children. On a broader level, the most recent enrollment management university-wide report describes our current study body as 70.7% women. As such, I would like to collaborate with the Women’s Health Interest Group to provide free menstrual products in women’s and gender-neutral restrooms, as menstrual products are costly and, in certain situations, urgently needed. Finally, as SGA represents the voice of the 3000+ students, we want to hear from you directly, as our work is often behind the scenes. As President, I want to enhance communication with students by hosting biannual town hall meetings to listen to student concerns, holding biweekly SGA office hours with at least one executive officer present, and setting up anonymous suggestion boxes online and in person around campus that go directly to the SGA executive board. I will be honored to serve as your next SGA President. I will continue to uphold my responsibilities on your behalf while exploring new professional initiatives outside of the classroom, the lab, and the clinic to enrich the overall student experience at MUSC.

Vice President of Academics

Alain Greige

Personal Statement: Hello fellow students! I am Alain Greige, an MD/PhD candidate at MUSC. It is with great pleasure that I announce my candidacy for the position of Vice President of Academics. Over the past year, I had the honor of serving as an SGA representative and working closely with the Executive Board and the Office of Student Engagement. I was deeply impressed by the administration's unyielding responsiveness to our needs and their unwavering commitment to ensuring that our voices were heard. However, while recognizing the progress that has been made, I also acknowledge that there is still an immense amount of work that can be done to enhance the student experience at our institution. Driven by this realization, I decided to run for that position. As a student of both the College of Medicine and College of Graduate Studies, I believe that I would represent a diverse array of perspectives and interests on campus. My experiences over the past few years have allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the various needs and priorities of different groups, as well as the challenges they face. This insight would give me the ability to effectively advocate for the interests of a wide range of students. Additionally, through my interactions with SGA representatives from various colleges at MUSC, I have gained a holistic understanding of the needs of the student body. This will prove particularly important in the upcoming year as a Constitution review is set to take place; and I feel confident in my ability to lead the revision process since I am currently reviewing the bylaws of the International Student Association, which I preside over, with the assistance of the vice presidents. Another important aspect of this role involves managing finances. Drawing from my undergraduate experience as the former treasurer of the Biology Student Society, which had 400 members and constituted the largest society on campus, I believe that I am well-equipped to handle this responsibility and I possess a keen familiarity with managing budgets and keeping track of various expenses. Finally, I would be honored to have your support and vote, and I promise to work hard to represent your interests and serve to the best of my abilities to achieve our shared goals!

Platform Statement: If elected, I have many plans for the upcoming year, and I am committed to ensuring that they align with your interests. With regard to the constitution review, my intention is to facilitate multiple in-depth discussions about areas for improvement, not only with SGA representatives, but also with students from each college through small focus groups, to ensure that all voices are heard. I will do my best to make sure that the amended bylaws are as inclusive as possible. In addition, as someone who was not previously familiar with the constitution before becoming an SGA representative, I believe it is crucial to encourage students to read and understand it. To this end, I plan to modify our current incentive for SGA representatives and extend it to target the general student body. To do so, I intend to develop new challenges and giveaways to encourage all students to engage with the constitution, as it is essential that we all understand our rights and responsibilities. Regarding finances, and as a proponent of transparency, one of my primary objectives will be to make financial reports easily accessible to all students. By doing so, I hope to ensure that you remain well-informed about the financial position of SGA and gain insight into how your contributions are being utilized. Another area that is of particular importance is the library environment for studying. I firmly believe that students require a quiet and conducive space to study and learn effectively, and as such, I am committed to closely monitoring your needs and suggestions to improve your experience. This will be achieved by gathering regular feedback, identifying the areas that require improvement, and working collaboratively with the relevant staff to implement practical solutions.

Vice President of Communications

Christina Kingsley

Personal Statement: My name is Christina and I am a DMD/PhD student currently in my third year. I have felt a strong connection to the MUSC community largely because of the Office of Student Engagement. Wanting to get more involved, I became a University Student Ambassador through the Office of Student Engagement, and would now like to take on a leadership role and get more involved by applying for the Vice President of Communications. I feel confident I can meet the demands of this position because I am organized, attentive, and I work well with others. I have strong connections to both the College of Dental Medicine and the College of Graduate Studies, and I believe working interprofessionally is really important to the success of any MUSC student. I hope to contribute to this by increasing communication between individuals from all six colleges in order to create a strong and cohesive community atmosphere on campus.

Platform Statement: As MUSC students, we have access to many social outlets including Instagram, Engage, and the Student Broadcast. I plan to utilize these tools and others to give MUSC students all necessary information about the Office of Student Engagement's events such as Food Truck Fridays, Art Workshops, and the Oyster Roast! Importantly, one of the roles of the Communications VP is responsibility for keeping the meeting minutes of all SGA meetings so the information can be distributed to students. I will ensure that these notes are organized and accessible for everyone. I will also work closely with the other elected SGA chairs to ensure there is ease of communication and continual fruitful exchange of ideas. I believe that this will be critical to the success of all events, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the student experience.

Harsahib Dev

Personal Statement: I have always believed in the importance of giving back to one's community, whatever that may be. From childhood, I have always found ways to provide some service to whatever community I found myself in. I regularly volunteered for local clean-up projects, volunteered at my temple weekly serving free meals to all who entered, and tutored classmates in various subjects. During my undergraduate years, I held several student leadership positions where I was able to take steps to promote sustainable and meaningful change for the student body of the University of South Carolina. As a Freshman, I was selected for the Freshman Council of the Student Government Association at UofSC where I was a part of the student services committee. We organized campus-wide events for students such as a random act of kindness week, custodian appreciation day, as well as stress relief events during finals. As a sophomore, I sat on several senate committees within the SGA, namely on the financial committee. As a senator on the Finance Committee, I and my fellow senators oversaw the allocation of student activity fee funds to various clubs and student organizations that requested funds. Over my term, we funded over 100 organizations by allocating approximately $200,000 of student activity fee funds. In my Junior year, I was appointed to the presidential cabinet as deputy secretary of safety and transport at UofSC I helped to organize policy walks at night to locate areas of concern on campus where students felt unsafe while walking. We also hosted events to help familiarize the student body with the campus police and their services. With these experiences and the ones I have gained from my time as an SGA representative for the COM here at MUSC, I feel that I feel I have developed the skills and shown the ability to build the trust of the student body and promote sustainable and lasting change to improve their experience as a whole.

Platform Statement: If elected to the position of VP of communications I will strive to implement programs to help the voice of the student body reach the ears of those who can promote change and provide avenues by which the student body can take action. The most important aspect of this role is to make sure that communication between the student body and the administration is strong. I want to continue to foster the forums of communication between the student body and SGA. As VP of communications, I will attempt to establish regular town hall meetings where students can share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns with the SGA and the university administration. I also want to explore creating a more direct platform for online feedback and surveys to collect input that would be directly available to SGA. This would allow us as student leaders to have unfettered access to the concerns of our constituents and gain a better understanding of the true needs of the student body.

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion


Caren Doueiry

Personal Statement: Hello! I joined MUSC 4 years ago, and as an international student and woman in a dual degree program, I found purpose and community in being involved in student organizations on campus. My experience culminated in being the current VP of Diversity and Inclusion. In my position, I worked on advocating for minority groups on campus, fostering community among students, as well as between students and the local Charleston community.  

Throughout my journey at MUSC, I developed a love and appreciation for affinity groups, which are student organizations that represent minority identities. And as the current VP of D&I, I created initiatives to support those groups and the members they represent. I worked to serve students who find community in the Alliance for Disability, Alliance for Hispanic Health, Black Student Union, International Student Association, Multicultural Student Advisory Board, Asian Student Association, the Student Alliance for Equality, and the Muslim Student Association. I wanted to strengthen the relationship between SGA and Affinity Groups. I set aside part of my budget to support their programming, help them gain visibility on a campus-wide level, and give people a chance either to join them and find community in them or to learn about them. I also helped them spread awareness about holidays they celebrate on social media and the Broadcast. 

Apart from those Affinity Group initiatives, I introduced Diversity Through Art to SGA programming. This initiative helps MUSC students get discounted or free tickets to shows and festivals in Charleston that support understanding and celebrating others and the human experience. The goal of the initiative is to enhance learning and create community between students and the local environment on a scale bigger than MUSC. These programs also included film screenings and book clubs on campus, with discussions led by experts or students. 


I also loved being in this position as I was able to keep past events such as supporting the Women’s Panel and hosting the Cultural Trivia and Black Food Truck Friday, and further expand them to include the Multicultural Food Truck Bonanza. 

Platform Statement: If elected again, I hope to build on the progress I’ve made. I aim to encourage Affinity Groups to plan complementary events to enrich the student experience. I also hope to create more campus-wide events celebrating different cultures, religions, ethnicities, races, and gender identities. Finally, I would like to create a platform for students to share their concerns about accessibility or inclusivity on campus. 

Janiece Glover

Personal Statement:
Hi everyone! I am a third-year PhD student in the College of Graduate Studies running for the position of Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. Throughout my time at MUSC, I have made it a priority to advocate for students with disabilities and those from underrepresented minorities. I have had the privilege to serve as the Co-President of the Black Student Union, Diversity and Inclusion Chair for the Graduate Student Association and I have held various leadership roles within the community. Through these experiences, I believe I have acquired the necessary skills to effectively listen to students about their comments or concerns. If elected as the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, I would like to continue to develop programs and events that elevate affinity groups. MUSC has established a great interprofessional environment and I would like to use this concept and establish a collaborative learning setting amongst all organizations and multicultural groups that are accessible to every student. These programs will raise awareness and show support for diversity and inclusion within healthcare professions and affinity groups. I believe that this will also increase the conversations amongst students, faculty, and healthcare professionals and expand diversity and inclusion at MUSC. I hope to amplify cultural awareness and be an effective advocate for all students. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Platform Statement: MUSC has made great efforts to improve the student experience. If I were elected as Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, I would create initiatives that increase the voices of students with disabilities and underrepresented minorities. I would do this by implementing collaborations amongst affinity groups. I will provide support for these events from within the MUSC community and beyond to guarantee your voices are being heard. Collaborations like these will foster a support system, establish connections and start dialogues that will elevate environments within the healthcare system. Additionally, I will make a conscious effort to attend events organized by affinity groups and listen to their questions or concerns and take action! It is important to not only create a space for these conversations to occur, but it is imperative to measure its results. To do this, I will continue to orchestrate town hall meetings, so students can know what we have done, where we are now, and where we are headed with our efforts to increase diversity and inclusion at MUSC.

John Helmy

Personal Statement: During my undergraduate years at UNC Chapel Hill, I was a founding member of a religious service club called Coptic Student Organization. Founding a club was an invaluable experience, as it pushed me to quickly improve in communication, organization, and problem solving. I was excited to tackle these responsibilities and help grow the organization. I learned to manage my time and balance my duties as event chair with heavy course loads and other extracurriculars. Making daily schedules was extremely helpful. I scheduled time for club duties, homework, and volunteering, while still allowing time for hobbies. I coordinated philanthropy events to raise money for the UNC Children's Hospital and weekly volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and local soup kitchens. This required prompt and accurate contact with organization leaders as the club’s representative. However, due to a lack of communication, events were unorganized. To solve this, I set up a weekly email system and group-chat for streamlined correspondence. These skills will be important as Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion of SGA. Effective communication will be needed to act as a bridge between the student bodies of the different colleges at MUSC as well as the faculty and staff. Additionally, organization and time management will he crucial in order to manage club duties with heavy class loads, synthesize meeting information, and effectively implement improvement strategies. Lastly, a good grasp on problem solving will help find ways to solve student complaints and accommodate suggestions.

Platform Statement: As Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, I want to make sure everyone has their voice heard. I plan to conduct frequent surveys to assess the the different needs and wants of the students at each college/class. Afterwards, I plan to make a summary of the suggestions based on college and class year. I want to bring this information to my fellow SGA leaders to brainstorm ways to improve life at MUSC together. Lastly, I would like to hold a vote throughout the different colleges to let the student body decide on what they would like to see implemented after we have synthesized a list of viable improvements.

Samuel Miller

Personal Statement: I am interested in becoming the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion to expand my current knowledge of the medical field, and patient care to allow me to work better with other personnel in the field. I can work better with other personal in the field. I am currently enrolled as a 1st semester student in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the MUSC College of Nursing. My interest in diversity and inclusion began at an early age in childhood. From a young age continuing through my teenage years, I grew up in a low-income household were my mother raised 3 boys without assistance and worked as a gas station attendant making minimum wage. As a child, I witnessed first-hand the lack of support that our family was able to receive due racial discrimination, which ultimately hindered my family’s ability to get out of poverty. During my senior year of high school, I was suddenly kicked out of my house, without notice, and became I remained homeless until I made the decision to join the Army after high school graduation. This was the peak of my financial stress, and truthfully a defining point in my life. I worked three jobs, and still actively attended school every day, eventually passing high school. If it wasn’t for my high school engineering teacher allowing me to sleep during his class, I truthfully do not think I would have had enough energy to work and complete my schoolwork. His encouragement and advice helped give me the self-determination I needed to enlist into the U.S. Army directly after high school. While I was in the Army, I was fortunate enough to travel the world and experienced an impactful eye opener to the struggles that people around the world face. This was most prevalent while I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan. While deployed, I saw the brutality of people taking advantage of the poor and disadvantaged only to offer little to nothing in return. I distinctly remember talking to various young Afghanistan children and discovering the ways that the Taliban manipulate these children into working for them. I say all of this to say that this position means more to me than just a potential resume bullet. I have personally experienced and witnessed the struggles that many poor and impoverished individuals struggle with. If I am honored to receive this position, I know I will be a key asset to not only MUSC SGA, but also our local community. I feel that MUSC has the capabilities, resources, and support to reach out to the local homeless population and provide them with them tools and aid to help them succeed. I would be honored to serve the MUSC community as well as our local community as the Vice President of inclusion and Diversity.

Platform Statement: If given the opportunity to be the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion I believe that I could improve the student experience by setting up programs to help students work with the local homeless population, as well as work with impoverished people. There is plenty of opportunities for MUSC students to use the knowledge that they have gained from this institution, and use it to make a meaningful impact.

Vice President of Programs

Cécile Fréreux

Personal Statement: Hi students, My name is Cécile Fréreux, I’m a third year Ph.D. candidate from the College of Graduate Studies and I am running for SGA Program VP. As a student I have always been involved in the campus life along my academic years. I was the vice president of the association for students in fundamental sciences at my university in France for several years. I now serve as the General Vice President for the International Student Association (ISA) of MUSC. These leadership positions made me more responsible and gave me experience in the organization of large-scale events that will be an asset if I become your next program VP. These positions also required to build coalitions with other students and off-campus organizations or partners to help with the logistic of the different events. Additionally, ISA has been very active this year thanks to the team effort of our executive board members and advisor. We planned numerous service and social events such as our annual international bazar, chili cook-off and contra dancing, international lunches, pickle ball, among many others. I am also currently supervising the organization of a bonfire beach party for the end of this Spring semester that we hope will promote exchanges between the different cultures of our student community.

Platform Statement: As the program VP, I would like to bring some novelty in the events (some examples could be: Halloween party, Spring Kayaking/Hiking/Camping trip, game nights etc) while maintaining the ones that are the most appreciated by students such as the aquarium night, Alhambra and others. I also wish to give students the opportunity to bring their own ideas about the events and activities they would like SGA to plan. Overall, SGA has been doing a great job in organizing the different events. I would still take into account students’ feedback to improve even more the quality of the events, some examples include: working on solutions to decrease the line for the food, try to take into consideration the different colleges’ schedules to set the dates for SGA events and make the most important events last longer when possible. It is through this logic of dialogue and co-construction with the student community, the other SGA board members, and advisors, that I conceive the functions of the Program VP and that together we could improve students’ experience. Thank you for your time and support.

Lena Golick

Personal Statement: Over the past four years I have had the privilege of working as one of the wellness directors for the MD/PhD program. In this role, I have planned numerous successful events to facilitate friendships, mentorship opportunities, and increase morale in the program. Additionally, I served as the Undergraduate Volunteer and Technology Coordinator on the executive board of the CARES Clinic from 2020-2021. I enjoyed working with students in other colleges and growing my leadership skills. It is with these two experiences in mind that I have chosen to run for the Program Vice President position on SGA. During my time as a wellness director, I have cultivated my skills in event planning, logistics, and communication. As a member of the CARES executive board, I learned to work on an interprofessional team and began to deeply value the community atmosphere at MUSC. If elected Program VP, I would work towards the following goals: 1. Decrease time spent waiting in lines at SGA events, 2. Increase marketing for SGA events, 3. Foster inter-college interaction, 4. Minimize ticket prices for students, and 5. Listen to ongoing feedback from students and make changes as needed. Finally, I would be very excited to bring new ideas to this position and dedicate myself to making every SGA event the best it can be. Thank you for your support!

Platform Statement: As Program VP I would improve the student experience at MUSC by fostering a sense of community and helping to improve student wellness. I believe that SGA events are a great break for students to step away from the stress of their programs and see that there are other students working towards similar goals. These events are also an opportunity to connect with others to build a support network. Building relationships with students in other programs is also an important skill for working in the interprofessional environment of healthcare. I hope that as Program VP I will help strengthen the student community at MUSC.

Pratik Das

Personal Statement: My interest in medicine began as an EMT-Firefighter in high school. I was fortunate enough to utilize the fire department to not only obtain my Bachelors of Science and paramedic license but also an Masters of Science in epidemiology and preventative medicine from the University of Maryland. I was able to work in every facet of medicine from pre-hospital, critical care, and flight medicine to clinical research at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, one of the nation’s busiest trauma centers. I believe I would be a good candidate for Vice President of Programs because of my robust experience in service and leadership. I currently am the N-1 Student Leader for the South Carolina Public Health Student Corps and serve in the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (SC-DMAT-1). In addition to both of those positions, I am a commissioned officer in the Army National Guard and serve as a Medical Operations Officer (70B). I have a background in research and education that has helped me collaborate in many projects. I was a paramedic instructor for the Lowcountry Regional EMS Counsel and maintained my instructor certifications through the American Heart Association (AHA) for all their coursework from Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) to Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). While working as a firefighter for a rural community, I was able to push initiatives to train the sheriff’s department and police department in AHA Basic Life Support. I also have several publications while working for the Shock, trauma, Anesthesia Research Group at the University of Maryland. Much of the research conducted at the trauma center was DoD funded and required collaboration with multiple hospitals in a variety of states. I still serve as Adjunct Faculty for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), a lobbying group that provides advanced education and CEUs to emergency providers. One of such courses includes the Trauma Combat Casualty Care Course (TCCC), the gold standard of trauma care for the army which I am also an instructor for.

Platform Statement: I already work closely and voice my concerns to the Student Nursing Association (SNA). MUSC already has many opportunities for community engagement but it would be nice for students to be able to get further mentorship for advanced practice such as cardiac perfusion, CRNA, and DNP programs. Interprofessional classes are very helpful and a lot of my cohort enjoyed their interprofessional day however, many students found the TEAMSTEPP course to be tedious. A lot of the additional coursework requires students to work during lunch breaks and find times to gather between multiple colleges. This program can be more efficient and conducive to actual teamwork for specialties. As Vice President of Programs, I would work in students and faculties best interests to make these programs more beneficial. I would start mentorship programs for advanced practice setting students up for success in the future. I also would look for more service opportunities to bring healthcare screenings to the community by our future providers.

Vice President of Service

Emma Hughes

Personal Statement: During my time here at MUSC, I have served one year as an SGA Representative, and I am currently holding the role as VP of Service on the Executive Committee. Over the course of this year, I have truly grown to love this position and all that it entails. I have cultivated remarkable relationships with many SGA reps and our extraordinary advisors. My involvement in student government so far has prepared me to serve one more term as VP of Service because I understand the time commitment, duties, and teamwork that it requires. I also believe that my first hand experience planning over 20 volunteer opportunities in this position has seasoned me to do even better work next year. If I were re-elected, my intention would shift from serving the same partners we did this year to finding new projects and supporting new causes that have been struggling. I will strategize with the service committee and advisors to spread our outreach to additional community partners who need our help. I do not want to say goodbye to MUSC SGA just yet, and it would be my honor to serve one more term as Vice President of Service before I graduate.

Platform Statement: As a leader I plan to continue to build off the momentum that SGA has generated during the 2022-2023 school year. Being a member of the Executive Committee opened my eyes to the groundwork that needs to be laid down during the summer months in order to prepare for the fall and spring semesters. I am confident that as a leader on the executive committee, I will push hard this summer to enhance the plans for the upcoming year. We have seen great success bringing back large scale events and I want to continue to revamp all of our in-person opportunities. I know that my communication skills, enthusiasm for service, and genuine love for being involved as a leader in Student Government make me a strong candidate for the Vice President of Service.

Carla Martinez Morant

Personal Statement: Hi Everyone! My name is Carla Martinez-Morant, and I am running for Service Vice President of the SGA. I am currently a third-year Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Candidate at the College of Graduate Studies (CGS). While at MUSC, I have been involved in numerous associations and have participated in and led many service activities because giving back to our community is a priority for me. Some of the experiences I would like to highlight because of their relevance to this role are being a CGS representative for SGA, being the Social VP and Secretary for ISA, being an interpreter for MUSC Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), and being the CGS liaison for Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC). As the CGS representative for SGA last school year, I learned how SGA works and the work the executive board does to improve students' lives on campus. Serving as the social vice president and secretary of the international student association (ISA) has allowed me to lead a service project in partnership with Be The Match and Lowvelo to add more people of diverse backgrounds to the National Bone Marrow Registry, in turn enhancing the chances of cancer patients to find stem cell donors for life-saving cures. Another important take away of this position is my ability to collaborate with other affinity groups such as Black Student Union (BSU). We collaborated for a bone marrow drive during research day and for an essay competition during Black History Month. Moreover, I volunteer as a Spanish interpreter at MUSC Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) Asylum Clinic. I interpret conversations between Spanish-speaking patients and physicians at MUSC to help these patients get psychiatric reports to support their asylum cases. Finally, as CGS liaison for FIMRC, I have been able to virtually volunteer (due to the pandemic) during their global experience events to provide better healthcare for underserved communities around the world. The knowledge gained from my past and recent experiences make me confident that I can offer you the leadership, independence, creativity, attentiveness, assertiveness, empathy, and problem-solving skills this service VP position requires.

Platform Statement: As Service VP of SGA, I plan to improve the student experience at MUSC by providing various service opportunities to give back to our community and learn transferable skills. To do this effectively, I want to keep the successful service events like the Sugar-Free Fall Festival or beach cleanups and add others that allow serving people of diverse backgrounds, are inclusive, and provide equity. Some examples of service opportunities I want to implement are:

•  Interpreter volunteer program for the dental clinic and the CARES medical clinic. Students from the College of Dental Medicine have mentioned to me that it would be valuable to have Spanish interpreters for patients that are non-native English speakers.

•  Standardized tests books drive for students from underserved populations. Collect MCAT, DAT, and GRE tests books and provide them to college students.

•  Volunteer at local schools to teach science-related and healthcare lectures and mentor students looking into the profession you are studying (In partnership with GSA Graduate students reaching out with service (GROWS) coordinator).

•  Create a resource list with virtual volunteer opportunities for students on rotations who want to further their volunteer experiences (e.g., translators without borders, United Nations Volunteer (UNV) online, Chemo Angels, etc.).

•  Make service opportunities inclusive (e.g., collaborating with the DisAbility Advocacy Group at MUSC to address any barriers that could be hindering the ability of some to participate in service events).

•  Clothing, school supplies, and first aid kits drive for local shelters.

•  Pet supplies drive for local animal shelters. 

•  Any suggestion from the student body or affinity groups (I would love to collaborate).

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as the future Service VP of SGA. The experiences highlighted above have been very enriching since they have allowed me to give back to the community by improving it and making it a better place for all. The Service VP position of SGA would not only allow me to continue my efforts of community outreach and servant leadership, but it would allow me to do so by expanding the range of my responsibilities and serving the student body as a whole.

Shashwath Arashinagundi

Personal Statement: Hello everyone! My name is Shashwath Arashinagundi and I'm a 2nd year dental student running for Service Vice President of the SGA. As we are all fortunate enough to attend MUSC and further our education, I think it is deeply important to give back to the community that we live and work in. By engaging in service events and giving back to the community that consists of our patients and colleagues, we create a stronger network of trust and support. My experiences with volunteering at soup kitchens and assisted living centers have shown me the importance of providing service to people of all ages in the community. In doing this, we gain a better understanding of the gamut of challenges faced by the population, and allows us to provide help where it is needed most. As Service Vice President, my goal will be to create unique service opportunities while also encouraging more people to take part. I hope that you vote for me, so that together we can make a difference.

Platform Statement: I hope to make service opportunities available in many forms, so that any student can have a chance to make a difference. As students, we have a variety of commitments that come with it, which can make it difficult to take part in volunteering. I hope to incorporate a range of different opportunities with shorter time commitments, or ones that can be done virtually, to allow for any student to participate without having to stretch themselves too thin. Furthermore, I look forward to planning new service ideas with the help of the students so that we can continue to expand our impact on the community.