Image of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form

Student Financial Aid Forms

Requesting aid for the 2024-2025 academic year for students with a Net ID:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Federal Loan Request (Stafford & Graduate PLUS) 

* If accessing electronic Federal Loan Request form off-campus, establish a VPN or remote desktop connection first and use Google Chrome as a browser. Directions for accessing and using VPN can be found here (PDF). If you are unable to access electronic form, use PDF version below.

Health & Human Services (HHS) Program Application

Professional Judgment Appeal

Request to Return Funds (PDF)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Petition (PDF)

2024-2025 PDF Loan Request Forms:

Stafford Loan Request (PDF)

Graduate PLUS Loan Request (PDF)

Health & Human Services (HHS) Application (PDF)

2024-2025 Verification Worksheets 

Available February 2024

Verification Worksheet Dependent V1 (PDF)

Verification Worksheet Dependent V4 (PDF)

Verification Worksheet Dependent V5 (PDF)

Verification Worksheet Independent V1 (PDF)

Verification Worksheet Independent V4 (PDF)

Verification Worksheet Independent V5 (PDF)

2024-2025 Parent Plus Loan

Parent Plus Loan Request (PDF)

Parent Plus Loan Authorization Form (PDF)

2024-2025 State Scholarship and Grants

Palmetto Fellows Affidavit (PDF)

Life Scholarship Affidavit (PDF)

Summer Life/Palmetto Fellows Request (PDF)

South Carolina Need Based Grant Affidavit (PDF)


Students who need to request aid for the current 2023-2024 academic year can contact their Financial Aid Coordinator directly.