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Reaffirmation Policy

Inadvertent Overborrowing & Reaffirmation

Students inadvertently overborrow Federal Student Loans will not be eligible for Financial Aid until they resolve the overpayment with their Federal Loan Servicer. To resolve the overpayment, students will need to repay the excess loan amount in full, or agree in writing to repay the excess amount according to the terms and conditions of the promissory note that supported the loan. This process is called Reaffirmation

Agreement to Pay Excess Loans

If you received a request for Reaffirmation from MUSC Financial Aid Office, please complete the Reaffirmation form and submit it to our office. Once our office receives and processes your completed form, we will initiate the reaffirmation process on your behalf with your loan servicer. 

If you pay your excess loan amount

If you choose to repay the excess loan amount in full directly to your lender, they will send you a confirmation of this payment. Once you receive this confirmation, please submit a copy to the MUSC Financial Aid Office for review and processing.