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Accountability Report to the South Carolina Department of Administration

All public institutions in the state of South Carolina must submit an annual Accountability Report to the state's Department of Administration. The Accountability Report reflects the organization’s mission and objectives to achieve its mission. Objectives are assessed through associated performance measures, the results from which are reported in the Accountability Report. The report is intended to encourage institutions to give critical thought to legal mandates, efforts undertaken in pursuit of goals, and outcomes that have been realized in the past twelve months.  

Accountability Reports are published on the South Carolina Department of Administration website.

Institutional Effectiveness Report to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Section 59-101-350 of the South Carolina Code of Laws states that the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) is responsible for collecting from institutions of higher education student scores on professional examinations, with detailed information on state and national means, passing scores, pass rates, longitudinal scores, and the number of students taking exams. This information is to be included in their annual report to the General Assembly, and is used by CHE to make funding recommendations based on success factors.  

MUSC's Institutional Effectiveness Reports may be requested on the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) website.

University Policies on Accountability

MUSC has policies to ensure students are receiving a high quality education consistent with the standards outlined in the University's mission statement. 

Provost Policy on Program Approval

Provost Policy on Academic Assessment