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Student Health

Welcome to Student Health

About SHS


Student Health Services is devoted entirely to providing quality health care to the students at MUSC. Services include outpatient treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, preventive health care, and health education.


Student Health Services is located on 30 Bee Street (1st floor).  

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Parking is available for students for the time of their appointment.

Student Health Services
Medical University of South Carolina
30-A Bee Street, MSC980
Charleston, SC  29425-9800

Office: 843-792-3664
Fax: 843-792-2318


Student Health Services operates by appointment, which decreases waiting time and allows for better planning by all parties. Students are requested to notify Student Health when they are unable to keep their appointments so that the time slot may be given to a fellow student. 

Appointments can be made by:

Scheduling by Phone:  Call 843-792-3664 to. Some appointment slots are available only by phone and are not listed online. 

Please call the clinic for:

  • Medically urgent (non-life threatening) conditions when there are no appointment slots available online
  • Specific health concerns not listed on the online menu
  • More than on medical concern to be evaluated

Online Scheduling: Appointments can be made online through LifeNet using your MUSC netID and password.  If you have questions about on-line scheduling, please call Student Health Services at 843-792-3664.

Validated identification badges are required for students to be seen at Student Health Services.

Emergency Care

Student Health is an ambulatory care clinic and does not have the necessary laboratory or imaging equipment for the evaluation and treatment of medical emergencies.  In the event of life-threatening conditions, seek immediate care at the nearest ER or dial 911.                                                                 

During the hours that Student Health is closed, students with medical conditions requiring urgent attention are to seek care at the appropriate medical facility (Urgent Care Center, Hospital Emergency Room, etc.). Students will be financially responsible for any charges not covered by their insurance.


Actively enrolled students are eligible for medical care at Student Health Services beginning the first day of classes and ending on graduation. Students must present their MUSC-issued identification at the time services are provided.


There are no charges for visits to Student Health Services for actively enrolled students, regardless of the type of insurance coverage they carry.   Available services include clinical evaluation and management of acute/chronic conditions, preventive health/wellness, and in-office procedures (EKG’s, Spirometry, Vision Testing) and Point-of-Care Testing (Rapid Strep, Rapid Monospot, Urinalysis, Glucometer, etc.)  The student’s insurance plan will be billed for services that cannot be provided in the office – including any necessary send out labs, imaging studies, or specialty referrals.

Pharmacy Services

Prescriptions written at Student Health Services may be filled at any pharmacy. Students with Student Health Insurance will have their deductible waived when using MUSC pharmacies.

There are four pharmacies on the MUSC campus:

  1. Medical University Rutledge Tower Pharmacy (843-876-0199) 
  2. Medical University Ashley Avenue Pharmacy (843-792-5220)
  3. Ashley River Tower Pharmacy (843-876-5585)
  4. Hollings Cancer Center (843-792-6440)


Information regarding the physical or mental status of students at MUSC is strictly confidential and available only to those directly involved in the student’s care.  Information regarding a student will not be released without the student’s written consent, unless legally mandated. Medical records are at maintained at Student Health Services in a free-standing electronic medical record that does not interface with the MUSC Hospital electronic medical database, and is not accessible to students or MUSC faculty.

Student Health Services operates independently from other MUSC academic and clinical programs. Our providers practice exclusively at Student Health and do not hold any university positions that grade students or determine their academic promotion.