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About SHS


Student Health Services is devoted entirely to providing quality health care to the students at MUSC. Services include outpatient treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, preventive health care, and health education.

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Students who are actively enrolled in degree seeking programs carrying at least 6 credit hours are eligible for medical care at Student Health, with services beginning the first day of classes and ending on graduation or at the time of withdrawal, removal, or a leave of absence from study. Students must present their MUSC-issued identification at the time services are provided. You do not need student health insurance to use Student Health Services.

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There are no charges for visits to Student Health Services for actively enrolled students, regardless of the type of insurance coverage they carry. The student’s insurance plan will be billed for services that cannot be provided in the office – including any necessary send out labs, imaging studies, or specialty referrals.

Please Note: Students may still receive a bill for any services not covered by the student's specific insurance plan.

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Information regarding the physical or mental status of students at MUSC is strictly confidential and available only to those directly involved in the student’s care.  Information regarding a student will not be released without the student’s written consent, unless legally mandated. Medical records are maintained at Student Health Services in a free-standing electronic medical record that does not interface with the MUSC Hospital electronic medical database and is not accessible to students or MUSC faculty.

Student Health Services operates independently from other MUSC academic and clinical programs. Our providers practice exclusively at Student Health and do not hold any university positions that grade students or determine their academic promotion.

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