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Student Events With Alcohol

Student events that include serving alcohol must be approved by the appropriate Dean's Office or the Executive Director of Student Engagement.  Student Organizations are expected to abide by the Alcohol Service Policy when planning an event in which alcohol will be served.  In addition, students should review the Responsible Hosting Guidelines and Strategies.

For your convenience, the following resources have been provided to help you navigate the policies and guidelines associated with hosting an event with alcohol:
Policy and Guidelines Highlights
Alcohol Policy FAQs

Alcohol Approval for Events

An MUSC Alcohol Service Request Form must be submitted on Engage for any student event in which alcohol will be served. The form can be found under each organization’s portal, students must have administrative rights for their organization to complete the form. Once the form has been completed, it will automatically be routed to the appropriate approver and MUSC Risk Management.  If the event is university-wide (two or more colleges), approval must be given from the Executive Director of Student Engagement.  If the event is specific to a college, approval must be given from the Dean's Office.

Submission of this form does NOT approve your event.  You will receive an email confirming your approval/denial from the appropriate Dean/Executive Director's Office.

Guidelines for Hosting Environmentally Friendly Events

Additionally, as a part of MUSC’s commitment to creating a sustainable educational environment, information and guidance to assist with planning and hosting events with recycling and other sustainability efforts is available by contacting the Sustainability & Recycling Department.

Additional Questions

The Student Engagement staff works to tirelessly provide you with the support, guidance, and leadership needed to host the most successful events possible. After reviewing the information in this packet, please call us at 843-792-2693 if you have any questions or need assistance.