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Federal Work Study Program


The Federal Work Study Program is a form of financial assistance available to qualifying students. Students are provided the opportunity to meet their educational costs through part-time employment. To determine Federal Work Study eligibility, students should contact their financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

The Federal Government establishes eligibility criteria and allocates an annual grant which is used to fund the student's earnings. The employing department within the Medical University of South Carolina does not contribute to the student's earnings, except in cases where the student's eligibility is exceeded. Because of this unique funding arrangement, the program is governed by policies and procedures representative of both funding agencies.

Federal Work Study is a federal regulated financial aid program authorized by the Higher Education Act of 1965 and subsequent amendments and reauthorizations. A certain percentage of your paycheck is provided through Federal Title IV funds.

What is Federal Work Study?

The Federal Work Study Program provides students financial aid in the form of wages paid to the student for services rendered as a Federal Work-Study employee. As a Federal Work Study employee, you are paid hourly. This is in accordance with MUSC payroll guidelines and as outlined in your FWS contract. Work must not interfere with the pursuit of your education.

The exact amount of your Federal Work Study award depends on your demonstrated financial need determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid, and on available funding from the Federal Government.

If your financial aid award letter includes Federal Work Study, the amount shown is the amount of money you may expect to earn during the academic year as a result of work performed and the hours necessary to perform such work. Typical award amounts are $1500.00 per semester.

What is the Role of the Office of Student Financial Aid in the Federal Work Study Program?

In addition to determining the amount of your Federal Work Study award, the Office of Student Financial Aid acts as the coordinating agent between the student, the supervisor and the administrative offices of MUSC like Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Health. Please call the  at 792-2536 regarding questions about this information.

Steps to Finding a FWS Job and Being Placed on Payroll

1.  Interested students should see the Receptionist in the Office of Student Financial Aid for a copy of the FWS Job Placement Book. This publication lists available FWS Jobs on campus. Students at Satellite Campuses must call the FWS Coordinator to make arrangements for the FWS Job Placement Book to be forwarded to them.

2.  Review the positions and mark those jobs that interest you.

3.  Call your Financial Aid Counselor to determine if you are eligible for the FWS program. If it is determined that you are eligible for FWS, an FWS award will be included in your total financial aid package.

4.  Make an appointment with the FWS Coordinator. At your appointment, you will be provided step by step instructions (Checklist) to complete prior to beginning employment. An appointment with Employee Health Services for a pre-employment health screening will be made for you at that time also.

5.  Schedule interviews with supervisors. Be sure to identify yourself as a student who is eligible for Federal Work Study

6.  After completing the checklist, make another appointment with the FWS Coordinator. Your appointment should be made at least three work days following your appointment at Employee Health Services to allow time for Employee Health Clearance processing.

7.  At your second appointment with the FWS Coordinator, you should submit all paperwork. Failure to complete all items on the checklist will delay your hire date. At this time, you will be provided timecards, a list of pay dates, a memo regarding timecard completion and a copy of your FWS Contract indicating your official start date.

You cannot begin working until you have been provided with a start date from the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students who work in non- authorized periods of employment will not be paid from Federal Work Study funds. There are no exceptions.

8.  Contact your FWS supervisor to establish a work schedule.

Working on Campus

Varieties of opportunities are provided to students with academic, administrative and support positions available. Positions are listed in the FWS Job Placement Booklet and are provided to qualifying students through the Office of Financial Aid Services.

Jobs are listed by the type of work and indexed by the department and supervisor. Students should review the job listings, select positions that are of interest, and then schedule interviews. The selection of a qualified work study student for employment in a particular department is at the discretion of the FWS supervisor.

Job Placement

After selecting open positions, the student should schedule interviews. During the interview, be sure to gain a good understanding of what the job entails. It is important for the student to ask questions and help the interviewer understand what you hope to gain from this work experience. We encourage you to seek employment that will compliment and reinforce your course of study.

After you have been offered a position, you will need to schedule an appointment with the FWS Coordinator to complete and return all necessary employment forms.

Mandatory Meetings of FWS Employees

Before a student can begin working in a FWS position, the appropriate paperwork must be completed to establish a student on the payroll. This paperwork is completed at the Office of Student Financial Aid. We suggest that you make an appointment with the FWS Coordinator after you have interviewed and secured a FWS position. Should the need for other mandatory meetings arise during the year, the FWS student will be notified in writing.

OSHA Training

All Federal Work Study Employees must complete OSHA Training at MUSC prior to employment in accordance with the University's Human Resources Management regulations. There are no exceptions. The web-based training can be completed at:

Pre-Employment Health Screening

All Federal Work-Study Employees must complete a Pre-Employment Health Screening with Employee Health Services, located at 57 Bee Street. A drug screen is included with this physical. This policy is in accordance with MUSC Human Resources guidelines.

There are no exceptions. Students will provide their availability so that the FWS Coordinator schedules an appointment suitable to their schedule. Appointments are available during the hours of 7:30 am-11:30 am and 1:00-2:30pm Monday through Friday. The student should plan on the appointment lasting at least one hour and must remain at Employee Health for the duration of the physical and drug screening process.

Scheduling is based on availability of the Employee Health Services office. At your appointment you will need to have a copy of your immunization records and

government-issued id. Students are required to obtain a copy of their student health records prior to their appointment. If requesting records from Student Health, a request should be made in writing at least 48 hours prior to their appointment at Employee Health. Missed appointments will have to be rescheduled and may delay the start of employment until the screening is completed. Physicals may not be done more than 90 days prior to the start date of work.

If your test is positive and you do not have a valid prescription in your name from a licensed physician, you will be considered to have failed the test and thereby not eligible for employment. An MUSC student who receives a positive drug screen as a result of an MUSC pre-employment (including work-study) or clinical rotation requirement must insure that his college Dean or Dean’s designee is informed. With the exception of those in CAPS and Student Health who are in a confidential patient/provider relationship, if a university staff member is informed of the positive drug test, he or she is also required to notify the student’s Dean’s Office. The Dean or designated official will interview the student and take whatever action he or she deems appropriate, including removal from clinical rotations. These actions include, but are not limited to, initiation of an intervention as outlined in Steps 2 - 12 in Section II.C. (“Treatment”) of this policy (MUSC Student Policy for Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention). The student’s ability to complete his or her course of study may be impacted.

MyQuest Training

All Federal Work Study employees will need to complete MyQuest training annually. MyQuest is an interactive, web-based training and tracking system consisting of various compliance modules such as OSHA, HIPAA, FERPA, etc. The University Compliance officer will notify the Dean of the College and Provost regarding student employees who do not complete MyQuest training at the appropriate intervals.

MyQuest Training Site

Dual Employment

A FWS employee must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid if they are working (or plan to work) in another department at MUSC or MUHA external of the Federal Work Study program. Coordination between FWS and the other employing department on campus must be made to ensure that the student is eligible to work in the Work Study program. 

Approval or Disapproval for Dual Employment is granted through the University Human Resources Office. The requesting department is responsible for initiating the request for approval and it should be done sufficiently in advance of the start date so that approval can be made before employment begins. For more information about Dual Employment and Added source, visit the MUSC Human Resources Management Policy 38. 

Federal guidelines do not allow FWS students to earn overtime.

For dual employment, Work Study should be the primary department with Kronos access and the secondary department (added source) should submit their time via manual submission.

It is important that students already employed in another department at MUSC or MUHA considering work study to discuss this information with the FWS coordinator.

Failure to communicate dual employment information to the Office of Student Financial Aid before being hired may place the student in a situation of where the student is ineligible for work study. Any hours worked in a period of ineligibility will be paid by the student’s supervising department (not the FWS program). FWS employees may only work one work study job.

For dual employment with MUSC Authority (MUHA) and Federal Work Study (FWS), Work Study should be the primary department with Kronos access with MUHA (secondary department) submitting their time via Manual submission.


Students may work a maximum of 20 hours a week (no more than 8 hours in a particular day). Students working an 8 hour shift must be provided with a lunch break. Students are also governed by other policies which apply to all MUSC employees.

Availability of Federal Work Study funds and written authorization by the FWS Coordinator will dictate work assignments during the holidays and the summer. If a student is authorized to work during holiday break or summer, the student may not work more than 25 hours per week. Students may not work during scheduled class periods, clinics, internships or other required clinical work. Students should notify their supervisor of their availability so that work schedules can be arranged around class schedules.

Notice of Eligibility

Notices of Eligibility are sent periodically to advise the student of their estimated remaining eligibility for Federal Work Study. When a student comes within $500 of exceeding their award allocation, they are sent a letter advising them to plan accordingly so that they will not exceed their FWS awards allocation.

Pay Rates

The work study program's rate of pay is $12.00 per hour.

Getting Paid

Your paycheck is based upon the entry of hours worked into the Kronos system every 2 weeks. Work Study students are paid bi-weekly.

The pay period schedule is available at 

Pay days generally fall every other Wednesday.

The work week runs from midnight Saturday through midnight of the next Saturday. FWS students will need to submit all hours worked on a biweekly basis at: 

The deadline to submit hours electronically is midnight on the last day of the biweekly pay period.Students may only submit time actually worked on the job. One hour worked equals one hour of pay. Break times and meal times cannot be included on the timesheet. See MUSC HRM policy 9 for more information. Falsification of time work is subject to disciplinary actions outlined in MUSC HRM policy 45.To view these policies, visit:

After entering time in the Kronos system, students are also required to print a copy of their Time Detail Report. FWS Students and Supervisors must sign and date the report. Reports are turned into the designated drop points no later than 10:00 am on the Monday immediately following the end of the work week (unless otherwise specified). Drop off boxes for timecards (Enrollment Management) are in the lobby of the Harper

Student Center. Students may also fax the reports to 792-6356. In order to be paid correctly and in a timely manner, it is the student's responsibility to turn in your signed hours detail report every 2 weeks. Reports submitted past the stated deadlines may cause a delay in pay.

Due to fiscal year end requirements, all timecards that are not turned in prior to June 30th of the fiscal year, will not be paid through FWS funds and will become a responsibility of the supervising department for wages to be paid.

Direct Deposit

MUSC work study employees participate in Direct Deposit. Sign up forms are available in your new hire packet. The sign up is separate from Direct Deposit sign up of student loan refunds.

Changing FWS Jobs

Although every effort is made to help you locate the right job, there may be the need for change. A FWS employee wishing to transfer to another department must leave their current department in good standing. Therefore, the employee should submit a written resignation to their current department giving a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice. You will need to make an appointment with the FWS Coordinator to obtain paperwork for transfer.

FWS Employee Rights

As a Federal Work Study employee at the Medical University of South Carolina, you have certain employment rights. You have the right to:

1.  Expect the Medical University of South Carolina to provide equal opportunity in employment without regard to sex, race, creed, national origin, or handicap.

2.  Work free of the threat or actual incidence of racism or sexual harassment.

3.  Work in an atmosphere consistent with the MUSC mission and values statement.

4.  Be provided adequate instruction and the necessary working conditions for the performance of your duties.

Copies of the Medical University of South Carolina Equal Employment Statement and Affirmative Action Policy are included in your employment packet.

If you have reason to believe your rights are being infringed upon or have questions concerning your rights, please contact the FWS Coordinator in the Office of Student Financial Aid at 792-2536.

Address Changes

If you change your address, you will need to communicate this information with the FWS Coordinator directly or change this information yourself in both Employee and Student Systems.

Employee Address Changes: MUSC MyRecords
Student Address Changes: Student Life Portal

It is important that your address is current to receive paychecks, check stubs and w-2 forms.


It is important that if you decide to leave the FWS program that you notify our office of your last date of employment. An employee wishing to resign in good standing should submit a written resignation to the department with a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice.

Failure to notify our office of the last date of employment may cause errors in your pay. Students who do not work for a period of 2 months will automatically be terminated from the FWS payroll. Students in programs that require them to leave for out of town rotations should notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of their rotation dates to prevent premature termination from the FWS payroll.

Employee Background Checks

MUSC Human Resources requires criminal background checks on all employees (including FWS employees) as a condition of hire.

Enrollment Status and Academic Standing

FWS students must be enrolled at least half time. The only exception to this is if the student is enrolled in their last semester of study. The student must also be in good academic standing in their college and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

FWS Employment Responsibilities

Federal Work Study employees are expected to approach their employment in a professional manner. A student who accepts a FWS position is expected to:

1.  Complete employment paperwork with the FWS Coordinator prior to working.

2.  File all appropriate forms, as required, with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

3.  Fill out timecards completely and accurately.

4.  Ensure that all timecards are turned in on time.

5.  Perform all duties in compliance with departmental policies.

6.  Treat all members of the MUSC community and all visitors with courtesy and consideration.

7.  Notify your supervisor when you are unable to work as scheduled.

8.  Maintain confidentiality when working with all employment related material.

9.  Maintain academic standing.

10.  Notify your supervisor and the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to terminating employment (in writing).

11.  Never work during scheduled class times.

12.  Notify your supervisor and the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to starting an out of town rotation. Failure to communicate these dates may cause premature termination of your paperwork from the payroll.

13.  Continue to maintain satisfactory academic progress and be enrolled at least half time.

Work Schedules, Job Training, Departmental Procedures

As soon as you are given an effective date to work, you will need to report to your supervisor. Please remember that office procedures from departments vary. Therefore, your supervisor will provide you with information regarding attire (what is acceptable to wear in the dept.), job training, expectations, office procedures and etiquette.

You are expected to establish a work schedule for the semester of the days and times that you plan to work each week with your supervisor. Student class schedules will change from semester to semester. Therefore, students are expected to coordinate and establish a new work schedule with your supervisor no later than the first week of classes each term.

FWS work hours are between the hours of 5:30am and 11:00pm. You may not work more than 20 hours per week, or eight hours per day during the semester. If you work at least five hours, you must clock in and out for a break. Students on holidays (Christmas, Spring break etc.) may work up to 25 hours per week when they are not in school. Approval to work extra hours during the holidays is required. Additional funds will not be provided in the student’s contract to accommodate working over breaks.

Under any circumstances, students may never work more than 25 hours during a week.

You may not miss class or required clinical, rotations, patient appointments, etc. to do work study. Work Study assignments cannot be used to gain clinical, rotation, and internship hours or for any type of academic credit/grade as required by a student’s degree program.

Work Study jobs are not structured where students may work remotely, from home or during hours where there is not a supervisor available.

Name Changes

If your name changes, please visit: and complete a name change form. In addition, you will need to submit a copy of your new social security card and a new W-4 Form (withholding form) to MUSC Human Resources.


FERPA is a law that protects the confidentiality of student records and information. FWS students who may have limited access to student information should familiarize themselves with the FERPA policy and notify the FWS coordinator for completion of the My Quest Module on FERPA as well as signing a FWS confidentiality statement.

FWS students may not acquire student information that is not directly related to their job assignments. They must also not release student information to anyone, unless their job specifically requires them to do so. Any information that is obtained on the job must remain within the scope of the workplace.

FWS Limitations

FWS employment may not displace regular employees or impair existing service contracts. They may not replace, in whole or in part, existing employees who depart or fill vacancies the institution would have filled with a regular employee. FWS supervisors may use their work study students to supplement but not supplant departmental personnel needs. Replacement is interpreted as displacement.

Holidays and Inclement Weather

Changes in the MUSC University Payroll deadlines (example: holidays, inclement weather) will be communicated to the student and supervisor via e-mail.Please review MUSC’s Severe Weather Plan found at for information regarding individual departmental plans, class/clinic cancellation, restricted occupancy buildings, and family preparedness checklists. Hazardous weather or emergency conditions will be transmitted by the Governor's office to the news media. Employees can call 792-MUSC (6872), check the “Emergency and Security“tab on the left-hand side of the MUSC homepage (, or contact their supervisors for additional information. FWS students should provide their supervisors with current telephone information for contacting them during hazardous weather or other emergency conditions.

Summer Work Study

Summer Work Study is available for eligible students, based on availability of funds. The student must be currently enrolled at the University.

Students do not have to be enrolled for summer courses to receive Work Study funding if they have attended the previous spring term and are planning to return for the fall semester.

Incoming students for fall semester are not eligible Work Study prior to matriculating. Graduating students who plan to re-enroll in a new program for fall are not eligible for work study in the summer prior to the start of classes.

Work Leave of Absence Due to Clinical Rotations or Internship

Students who will stop working for a period of no more than 90 days due to internship or clinical rotations need to inform both the supervisor and Federal Work Study Coordinator the effective dates of their leave of absence. This information will be reported to Human Resources and Kronos access suspended.

If the student has access to any computer systems or databases as a result of their FWS employment, the supervisor must “suspend” their access until they resume employment. If the supervisor confirms the student don’t have access to systems, no further action required.

Failure to report this information may result in premature termination.