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Charleston Health & Well-being Consortium

Conference 2023

Connect with faculty and staff from MUSC, College of Charleston, and the Citadel to learn from national and local experts about supporting student well-being on our campuses. Leah Finch, Senior Campus Advisor at The Jed Foundation in New York City and Adjunct Faculty at New York University, will share her experiences and expertise as a mental health consultant, therapist, and educator. Other presentation topics focus on using social media to educate students about available resources, making internal and external community connections, and legal issues regarding mental health events and accommodations. A student-led panel discussion offers insight into the needs of students and how university/college faculty, administrators, and staff can best support them.

Conference 2023 Information

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Charleston Student Health and
Well-being Consortium

The Health and Well-being Consortium, an alliance formed in 2022 by three higher education entities in Charleston, South Carolina, is focused on what institutions are doing on local, state, and national levels to promote student well-being.

Working together, the consortium members explore and create opportunities to promote education for students, faculty, and staff at their institutions. 

By sharing their work with senior leadership and the South Carolina legislature, the Consortium promotes the importance of integrating student health and well-being into academics, outcomes, and any program needs.


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For more information, please email Dr. Gigi Smith, Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Student Life.