Degrees & Programs

Change starts with possibility. At the Medical University of South Carolina, our students are that forward-moving, transformative force. Our drive toward innovation begins in the classroom, flourishes through clinical, research, and other hands-on opportunities, and shapes the future of healthcare from hospitals to laboratories to policy and product development. In training the next generation of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and other health professionals, our degrees and programs impart more than skills—they set the stage for discoveries that influence patient care in multiple contexts.

See yourself as part of something greater at MUSC. Here, you’ll unlock advancements and spark progress that helps uplift your community. Determine your impact, and embrace your professional calling while learning from our world-renowned faculty. Whether you see the path outlined ahead or you’re discovering where you fit, explore all programs available at MUSC and their admission requirements.

Professional Programs

You aspire to become a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist. Through clinical experience and mentorship in preparation for a residency, our programs go beyond professional fundamentals to defining your role in leading community health.

Professional/Research Programs

Train to become a scientist in academic medicine through a program combining research and patient-focused clinical work.

Research Programs

Discover answers to the unimaginable through our interdisciplinary programs emphasizing clinical science, biomedical research, and scholarship.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with concentrations in:

Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) with concentrations in:

Clinical Services

Direct the patient care process through programs in physician assistant studies, training you to use medical equipment or develop a clinical specialty, or designed to prepare you for medical school.

Healthcare Leadership & Management Programs

Administration and management of a healthcare facility directly influence patient care. Explore programs combining residential and online learning that introduce you to or advance your skills in healthcare administration, leadership, and data analysis.

Nursing Programs

Highlighting the importance of leadership and evidence-based practice, learn to shape care delivery through bachelor's to doctoral programs mixing residential with online learning.

Public Health Programs

Examine disease prevention from a broader perspective through a master's program emphasizing research, teaching, public service, and community health.

Master in Public Health (MPH)

Rehabilitation Sciences Programs

Grow your knowledge of how the body works, including communication, movement, and muscles, to guide rehabilitation and recovery care.