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MUSC Gives Back

MUSC Gives Back

Student Engagement (OSE) connects students with service opportunities in the Charleston community.

Through volunteer activities and service-learning, students can engage in direct service and integrate classroom learning with community experiences.  OSE also maintains a volunteer database that allows students to explore partner organizations and record self-reported service contributions.

Our community engagement values include:

Reciprocity - To develop projects and programs for mutual benefit
Education - To enhance the educational experience students receive at MUSC
Service - To engage in service to support and build healthy communities
Collaboration - To commit to intentional partnerships within MUSC and in the Charleston community

We also aim to serve as a connector for student, faculty and staff involvement with community organizations and local projects.


  • Attend an organized Student Service Saturday project
  • Schedule an appointment to learn about opportunities for you or your student organization
  • Celebrate and recognized student contributions through service awards
  • Engage in events and workshops
  • Access Helper Helper - the online tool and mobile app to:
    - Track your volunteer hours
    - Browse ongoing opportunities to serve as a volunteer in the Charleston community
    - Access a service portfolio of hours you have reported over time
    - Sign-up for organized, group volunteer experiences

Check the Student Broadcast emails weekly for the latest information!


OSE values our ongoing relationships and collaborations with partner organizations.

By partnering with OSE, we will work to connect our students to volunteer/service opportunities and share the organization's information via Helper Helper.  Partners are invited to the annual Student Activities and Volunteer Fair (held in September) and much more.

Although we are unable to guarantee student volunteers for specific events, students and the MUSC community and faculty often utilize OSE resources to connect with community-based organizations, projects, and programs.

We would love to connect with you!  Please feel welcome to reach out to Susannah McFaul, Assistant Director, Volunteer Programs & Service Learning at