Education Infrastructure Committee (UEIC)

University Technology Purchasing and Onboarding Procedure

If you are considering any new software/technology for your college/program, please follow the University Technology Onboarding Procedure.

Software technologies, applications, or services should not be considered for purchased prior to (1) completing the system risk assessment questionnaire and (2) presenting the considered software/technology to the UEIC.


About the Committee

The University Education Infrastructure Committee was formed at the direction of the Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Student Life to participate in the university process and provide oversight regarding the university education infrastructure.


Academic Software Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure software-based technologies, applications and services meet University Information Solutions requirements, are in compliance with University policies, federal and state laws, are compatible with existing technology standards and services, and align with the Information Solutions priorities without introducing unnecessary service interruptions or other risks to the efficient operation of the business of the academic mission at the University.