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Substance Misuse Counseling

  1. MUSC Student Policies and Procedures Related to Drug and Alcohol Use
  2. Drug Fact Sheets
  3. State and Federal Laws and Sanctions Concerning Drugs and Alcohol

MUSC Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Alcohol and/or drug use can have a serious negative impact on academic and clinical performance.  Misuse of alcohol or prescription medications or the use of illegal substances can derail a promising career and endanger others.  CAPS provides evidence-based confidential individual therapy for individuals with drug and alcohol misuse.  CAPS endeavors to assist students to choose to abstain from all illegal substances, to carefully evaluate the role alcohol plays in their lives, and make behavioral changes to remain healthy, safe, and to practice their future professions ethically and responsibly.   

Therapy will be based on cognitive-behavioral approaches to help the student to identify both internal and situational contributors to alcohol and drug use, and to develop specific skills to make behavioral changes. Therapy will also focus on helping the individual recognize situations which may put them at risk for relapse and to learn and apply strategies to avoid and/or manage temptations.

CAPS also assists students and colleges by arranging for screening for drug and alcohol use and on-going random testing for alcohol and substances when needed.

Other counseling and treatment options

Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP), Institute of Psychiatry, MUSC

The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) at MUSC’s Institute of Psychiatry (IOP) is one of the nation’s premier facilities for the treatment of alcohol and substance use problems. Our clinical services offer the most up-to-date methods for the treatment of addictions.

For specific information on CDAP and its programs call 843-792-2727.
To schedule an appointment, call 843-792-1414 or request an appointment online

Charleston Center of Charleston County

Charleston County’s Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS), more commonly known as Charleston Center, is a substance abuse prevention, intervention, education and treatment center.

5 Charleston Center Drive
Charleston SC 29401
Phone: 843-958-3300
Hotline: 843-722-0100
DAODAS website

South Carolina Recovering Professional Program

SCRPP website

The above information is required for compliance with the Higher Education Act, Sec. 120. [20 U.S.C. 1011i) Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention] and the annual Clery Act report.