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The Apple Tree Society seeks to foster dialogue and activity related to the scholarship of health professions teaching through campus and national partnerships.


Expand the faculty development opportunities related to teaching and learning on campus and beyond.Initiate programs that recognize and enhance the value of the scholarship of teaching and learning.Explore and support innovative methods and technologies for teaching and learning.Promote professional development of current and future educators across all colleges.Foster networking opportunities and conversations about teaching, learning, and educational technology.

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Upcoming Events

MUSC's Summer Institute Insights Into Teaching Online

Join us this summer as we explore strategies for improving the online learning experience for both you and your students. Check out the opportunities below and contact us with questions.

Available via MUSC’s Learning Management System, “Harbor

Learn Harbor – Overview of features and functions of our learning management system

iTeach – Already available in Harbor – Suggestions and resources for teaching online

Fundamentals of Digital Accessibility – 5-week course 100% online designed to introduce digital accessibility and ensure instructional materials are accessible

Online Teaching at Its Best – Complete course within Harbor, available August 1, 2020

8 Secrets to Success - Webinar Series (each 3:00 – 3:30 PM) – Join Webinars here *

July 7 - Strategies for Moving Online

  • Translating face-to-face to online
  • Planning out your course delivery (teaching, engagement, communication and assessment)
  • Best practices in online teaching


July 9 - Getting Started in Harbor

  • Familiarize yourself with Harbor learning activities and resources
  • Panopto and Collaborate integrations in Harbor
  • Best practices in teaching in Harbor


July 14 - Inclusion and Accessibility in Online Learning

  • Making your documents digitally accessible
  • Closed captioning your videos
  • Implementing Universal Design for Learning


July 16 - Recording Effective Micro-lectures

  • Listening and learning in an online environment
  • Planning out a micro-lecture
  • Recording effective videos for online learning


July 21 - Creating Ways to Engage Students

  • What engagement in an online course looks like
  • Creative ways to reach online students
  • Three innovative ways to engage online students outside of lectures


July 23 - Planning and Facilitating Quality Discussions

  • Building quality discussion topics for critical thinking and engagement
  • Designing discussions for interaction and assessment
  • Effectively moderating online discussions


July 28 - Designing Remote Assessments

  • Proctoring and not proctoring assessments
  • Building alternative assessments
  • Giving feedback online 


July 30 - Facilitating an Effective Online Course 

  • Establishing your online presence
  • Building community and relationships
  • Communicating with students online

* No registration is required and all sessions will be recorded and available in the iTeach module in Harbor.

Steering Committee

Chair: Mary Mauldin
(843) 876-5040