J-1 Funding Requirements

In order to be eligible for J-1 sponsorship, all prospective J-1 Exchange Visitors are required to meet certain minimum financial support requirements:

  • J-1 Exchange Visitor - $1850 per month ($22,200 per year)
  • J-2 dependent spouse - $500 per month ($6000 per year)
  • Each J-2 dependent child - $300 per month ($3600 per year)

Before a prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor can be issued a Form DS-2019, MUSC must ensure that the J-1 Exchange Visitor will have sufficient funding to meet the minimum funding requirements. If the funding to be provided by MUSC for the Exchange Visitor Program will meet the minimum financial requirements for the J-1 principal applicant and any dependents, the J-1 applicant does not need to provide additional proof of financial support beyond the official offer letter from MUSC.

However, if the J-1 Exchange Visitor is not funded by MUSC, the J-1 applicant must provide proof of funding for the program. This may come in the form of grant award letters or funding from the J-1’s home institution. The J-1 Exchange Visitor can also supplement other funding sources with personal funds. To provide proof of personal funds for financial support, the J-1 applicant must provide a certified copy of a bank statement. All bank statements must be in English and contain amounts in US dollars.

We can only sponsor a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program for a duration in which funding is secure. Even if an Exchange Visitor Program is anticipated to last for a long duration, the program dates on Form DS-2019 will coincide with the dates for which funding is actually available. If an Exchange Visitor will not complete his or her program by the end date on Form DS-2019, the Exchange Visitor’s program will have to be extended once the information to financially support the extension has been received.