Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) - Periodontics

The Residency Program in Periodontics and the MSD-Periodontics track develop dental specialists with a sound academic background on which to base clinical treatment, research, and teaching.  A structured curriculum in the MSD-Periodontics track augments the experiential training and didactic activities the resident/post-doctoral student receives in the Periodontics Residency Program. The combined training program results in clinicians competent in all aspects of periodontology and makes them eligible to seek certification by the American Board of Periodontology.

The duration of the periodontics residency program is 35 months. All students must complete the requirements of both the residency and the MSD-Periodontics track.  In addition to the individual degree requirements, the program provides a broad experience in clinical periodontics and allied medical and dental subjects. Intensive training is provided in advanced regenerative techniques, aesthetic periodontal surgery, ridge preservation and augmentation, sedation and the surgical placement and maintenance of dental implants. Literature review and treatment planning seminars provide a rationale for therapy based on current literature. Students develop and complete a research project and participate in both didactic and clinical teaching.


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Year 1, Summer

GDENT 701Preclinical Instruction1
GDENT 710Head and Neck Anatomy Review0.5
GDENT 834Advanced Topics in Radiology1
GPERI 864Advanced Periodontology2
Semester Total 4.5

Year 1, Fall

GDENT 800Research Methodologies1.5
GDENT 801Teaching Methods1.5
GDENT 878Oral Medicine2
GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 871Advanced Periodontology II1
GPERI 870ADVP Treatment Planning Seminar1
Semester Total 8

Year 1, Spring

GPERI 880Treatment Planning Seminar II1
GDENT 863Dental Ethics & Behavioral Management1
GDENT 868Advanced Oral and Maxillo Path2
GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 872Advanced Periodontology III1
Semester Total 6

Year 2, Summer

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 873Advanced Periodontology IV1
Semester Total 2

Year 2, Fall

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 881Treatment Planning Seminar III 1 
GPERI 874Advanced Periodontology V1
Semester Total 3

Year 2, Spring

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 875Advanced Periodontology VI1
GPERI 882Treatment Planning Seminar IV 1 
Semester Total 3

Year 3, Summer

GPERI 876Advanced Periodontology VII1
GDENT 899Research Thesis1
Semester Total 2

Year 3, Fall

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 883Treatment Planning Seminar V 1 
GPERI 877Advanced Periodontology VIII1
Semester Total 3

Year 3, Spring

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GPERI 884Treatment Planning Seminar VI 1 
GPERI 878Advanced Periodontology IX1
Semester Total 3
Curriculum Total 34.5