College of Nursing | RN to BSN

The RN-BSN program will consist of a three continuous semester online program for registered nurses who are graduates of an accredited associate degree or diploma program in nursing and it will lead to the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  The program will have a yearly fall start date and will be full time. The curriculum is designed to attract the working professional who has already passed NCLEX and who now plans to obtain a BSN degree.  Students will work on-line, asynchronously to obtain education while accommodating their RN work shifts.

Courses are varied during the program, being 5 weeks in length for all didactic courses and 10-15 weeks in length for clinical courses.  Each semester there is one clinical course with a focus on one of the following:  gerontology, community/public health, or leadership/quality improvement.  The clinical hours will consist of a project that may include either virtual or live work.  Three projects will make up the overall capstone of the program. The program focuses on the knowledge, skills and values deemed essential for professional nursing practice with a specific focus on leadership, care coordination and communication skills.