College of Graduate Studies Academic Policies

Graduate students are expected to maintain at least a 3.0 overall grade point average.  This represents the minimum requirement of the College.  Individual programs may have more stringent requirements for continuation as a graduate student.  A student whose total cumulative record is below these requirements at the end of any semester is placed on probationary status and is given one semester in which the cumulative average must be brought back to the required standard.  By the end of the following semester, if the required level has not been attained, consideration for further enrollment by the program or college is obligatory.


Students who voluntarily withdraw from a graduate program or wish to take a leave of absence are required to submit in writing their intent to withdraw or take a leave by completing the University withdrawal/leave of absence form. A letter or email from the student's Major Advisor or Program Director must be attached to the form. The letter should state he/she is aware the student is withdrawing or requesting a leave of absence and it is approved. Students are required to turn in their MUSC ID Badges to the Dean's Office at the time of the leave or withdrawal.

Action by the College or program is required before a student will be requested to withdraw for academic reasons.

The University reserves the right to sever the connection of a student with the University at any time, if in its opinion the student is unsuited for a career in the health professions and sciences.