Master of Science in Medical Sciences

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences is a one-year program specifically designed to provide students with a structured opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the challenges of applying to and succeeding in medical, dental, and other professional schools. The program contains didactic coursework at the graduate professional level, professional skills development sessions, standardized test preparation, and clinical exposures to form a complementary skill set to those that have been acquired at the undergraduate level. Graduates of this program will also be academically prepared to enter industrial or academic technical positions requiring a biomedical sciences background.

We expect this program to enhance students' success at professional school acceptance, but please note that successful completion of this program is in no way a guarantee of an interview or acceptance into professional school at MUSC or anywhere else.


Learn more about the admission steps and requirements for the program.


The general plan for the coursework for the program is laid out below. In addition, optional coursework may be made available to students in the program depending on availability and interest.

Year 1, Summer

BSC 720 Fundamentals of Biochemistry & Molecular 4
BSC 706 Professional Development 1
BSC 710 Clinical Exposures 1
BSC 700 Histology 4
Core Clinical Research Training*
Semester Total 10

Year 1, Fall

BSC 702 Anatomy 4
CGS 700 Introduction to Biostatistics 4
BSC 708 Grand Rounds 1
Semester Total 9

Year 1, Spring

BSC 714 Oral Immunobiology 4
BSC 716 Medical Microbiology 4
MCR 736 Clinical Epidemiology 3
Interprofessional elective course or research 1
Semester Total 12
Curriculum Total 31

* This is recommended, and a certificate is awarded upon completion. This is not available for academic credit.