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Colleges and Degrees


The University offers through its six colleges the following degree programs:


CIP Code Program Code Program Name
510401 DD.DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine
510502 DM.ENDO MS in Dentistry - Endodontics
510502 DM.ORTHO MS in Dentistry - Orthodontics
510502 DM.PEDS MS in Dentistry - Pediatrics
510502 DM.PERIO MS in Dentistry - Periodontics
510503 DM.ORSC MS in Oral Sciences
by each degree DP.DMD DMD/PhD 


CIP Code Program Code Program Name
519999 GC.CCR Clinical Research Certificate (Post-Baccalaureate)
260102 GM.BSC MS in Medical Sciences
260102 GM.MBS.ANAT MS in Biomedical Science - Anatomy & Cell Biology
260102 GM.MBS.BIOIN MS in Biomedical Science - Biomedical Informatics
260102 GM.MBS.BIOST MS in Biomedical Science - Biostatistics
260102 GM.MBS.BMB MS in Biomedical Science - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
260102 GM.MBS.EPI MS in Biomedical Science - Epidemiology
260102 GM.MBS.MBIM MS in Biomedical Science - Microbiology & Immunology
260102 GM.MBS.NEURO MS in Biomedical Science - Neuroscience
260102 GM.MBS.PATH MS in Biomedical Science - Experimental Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
260102 GM.MBS.PCOL MS in Biomedical Science - Cell & Molecular Pharmacology
& Experimental Therapeutics
511401 GM.MCR MS in Clinical Research
511401 GM.MCR.EXEC MS in Clinical Research - Executive
511401 GM.MCR.SPT MS in Clinical Research - SPTCR
  GM.UND MS in Biomedical Science - Undeclared (Application Code Only)
512706 GP.BDSI PhD in Biomedical Data Sciences and Informatics (Joint Degree w/ Clemson)
261103 GP.BIOMI PhD in Biomedical Imaging
261102 GP.BIOST PhD in Biostatistics
260202 GP.BMB PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
512003 GP.DD PhD in Drug Discovery
512003 GP.DD.PHM PhD in Drug Discovery - Post PharmD 
261309 GP.EPI PhD in Epidemiology
260503 GP.MBIM PhD in Immunology & Microbiology
260499 GP.MCBP PhD in Molecular & Cell Biology & Pathology
261501 GP.NEURO PhD in Neuroscience
261501 GP.PCOL PhD in Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
  GP.UND PhD - Undeclared (Application Code Only)


CIP Code Program Code Program Name
513804 HM.AFN MS in Nurse Anesthesia
510901 HM.CVP MS in Cardiovascular Perfusion - Entry Level
510901 HM.CVPT MS in Cardiovascular Perfusion - Post Professional
512706 HM.HIN MS in Health Informatics
510701 HM.MHA.EXEC Master of Health Administration - Executive 
510701 HM.MHA.RES Master of Health Administration - Residential 
510912 HM.PA MS in Physician Assistant Studies
512399 HM.RHOT MS in Occupational Therapy
513804 HP.AFN.POSTB Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice - PostB
513804 HP.AFN.POSTM Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice - PostM
510701 HP.DHA Doctor of Health Administration
510701 HP.DHA.IP Doctor of Health Admin - Interprofessional Studies
510701 HP.DHA.ISL Doctor of Health Admin - Info Sys Leadership
  HP.HRS PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science (Application Code Only)
512399 HP.HRS.POSTM PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - PostM (Entry)
512399 HP.HRS.FL PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - Functional Limitations
512399 HP.HRS.HS PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - Health Services
512399 HP.HRS.PI PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - Pathology and Impairment
512306 HP.OTD Doctor of Occupational Therapy
512306 HP.OTD.PP Doctor of Occupational Therapy - Post Professional
512308 HP.PT Doctor of Physical Therapy
510000 HU.HCS BS in Healthcare Studies


CIP Code Program Code Program Name
511201 MD.MD Doctor of Medicine
511201 MD.MDAP Doctor of Medicine - Accelerated Medical Pathway
261309 MM.PHEPI Master of Public Health - Epidemiology
512207 MM.PHHBP Master of Public Health - Health Behavior & Health Promotion
261102 MM.PHSTA Master of Public Health - Biostatistics
by each degree MP.BMB MD/PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
by each degree MP.DD MD/PhD in Drug Discovery
by each degree MP.MBIM MD/PhD in Immunology & Microbiology
by each degree MP.MCBP MD/PhD in Molecular & Cell Biology & Pathology
by each degree MP.NEURO MD/PhD in Neuroscience
by each degree MP.PCOL MD/PhD in Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
  MP.UND MD/PhD - Undeclared (Application Code Only)


CIP Code Program Code Program Name
513803 NM.ANP.POSTB MS in Nursing - Adult Gero NP Primary Care: PostB (DNP Stop Out)
513803 NM.FNP.POSTB MS in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner: PostB (DNP Stop Out)
513803 NM.PNP.POSTB MS in Nursing - Pediatric NP Primary Care: PostB (DNP Stop Out)
513818 NP.ANP.POSTB DNP - Adult Nurse Practitioner: PostB
513818 NP.APN.POSTM DNP - Advanced Practice Nurse: PostM
513818 NP.ELI.POSTB DNP - Executive Leadership and Innovation: PostB
513818 NP.ELI.POSTM DNP - Executive Leadership and Innovation: PostM
513818 NP.FNP.POSTB DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner: PostB
513808 NP.NURS.POSTB PhD in Nursing: PostB
513808 NP.NURS.POSTM PhD in Nursing: PostM
513808 NP.PMH.POSTB DNP - Psychiatric Mental Health: PostB
513808 NP.PMH.POSTM DNP - Psychiatric Mental Health: PostM
513808 NP.PNP.POSTB DNP - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: PostB
513801 NU.BS Accelerated BS in Nursing
513801 NU.RNBSN RN to BSN


CIP Code Program Code Program Name
512001 PC.CPP Clinical Pharmacy Practice Certificate
512001 PD.ENTRY Doctor of Pharmacy


XM.CLEM PhD in Bioengineering Program with Clemson University
XM.CLEM.MS  Master in Bioengineering Program with Clemson University
XM.NDSDM Non Degree Seeking - Dental Med - Graduate Level
XM.NDSGS Non Degree Seeking - Graduate Studies - Graduate Level
XM.NDSHP Non Degree Seeking - Health Professions - Graduate Level
XM.NDSMD Non Degree Seeking - Medicine - 1st Professional
XM.NDSNR Non Degree Seeking - Nursing - Graduate Level
XM.NDSPH Non Degree Seeking - Pharmacy - Graduate Level
XU.NDSHP Non Degree Seeking - Health Professions - Undergrad
XU.NDSNR Non Degree Seeking - Nursing - Undergrad
XX.CLEM  Master in Engineering Program with Clemson University
XX.NDSGS.CHEC South Carolina Cancer Health Equity Consortium (SC CHEC)
XX.NDSGS.CURE South Carolina Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (SC CURE)
XM.NDSGS.PREP Post-baccalaureate Research Education (PREP)
XX.NDSGS.SURP Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)