Academic Integrity Week


“Committed to values-centered learning, training, practice, and research”

 January 22-26, 2024


Integrity is at the core of our educational, clinical, professional, and research endeavors. We maintain trust with community members, peers and colleagues, and collaborators when we consistently demonstrate ethical and high-values behavior.


MUSC Academic Integrity Week is a time to reflect on and celebrate our ongoing commitment to values-centered education, practice, and research.



  • Educate MUSC community members about the Honor Code
  • Cultivate pride in learning, leading, practicing, and researching with integrity
  • Raise awareness about current integrity initiatives at MUSC
  • Reinforce the university’s commitment to our “Integrity” core value

Schedule of Events

Monday, January 22


Tabling Event & Social Media Engagement




Tuesday, January 23
Kick-Off Event
Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson

Leading with Integrity: The Far-Reaching Impact of Academic Integrity
12pm | BE 110
Lunch Provided to registered attendees (open to students, faculty, & staff)

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Friday, January 26
Faculty Workshop & Campus Panel Discussion
Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant

Creating a Culture of Integrity in Your Class:
A Teaching & Learning Approach

9am | BE 110(for teaching faculty)
Breakfast provided to registered attendees

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Integrity Matters: Panel Discussion
Moderated by Dr. Gallant, featuring University Honor Council Members
12pm | BE 110
Lunch provided to registered attendees(open to students, faculty, & staff)

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n-26, 2024