University Honor Council


2024-2025 Honor Council

Executive Board

Carly Berrios,

Janie Cole,
Executive Vice President

Madeline Baker,
College of Dental Medicine Vice President

Jaclyn Dunne,
College of Graduate Studies Vice President

Rebecca Jordan,
College of Health Professions Vice President

Gabi Rauls,
College of Medicine Vice President

Travis Feagin,
College of Nursing Vice President

Charlie Worrall,
College of Pharmacy Vice President


Erica Bligen,
University Advisor

Dr. Dante Pelzer,
University Advisor

Vivian Fairbairn,
University Council

Carrie Cottingham,
University Council  

Nadia Mariutto,
Honor Council Recorder

Dr. Dalton Wilson,
College of Dental Medicine Faculty Advisor

Dr. Caroline Westwater,
College of Graduate Studies Faculty Advisor

Dr. Clint Blankenship,
College of Health Professions Faculty Advisor

Dr. John Melville,
College of Medicine Faculty Advisor

Dr. Whitney Smith,
College of Nursing Faculty Advisor

Dr. Joli Fermo,
College of Pharmacy Faculty Advisor