Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) - Endodontics

The twenty-six (26) month curriculum is structured to create a balanced course load, adequate time for broadening the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for students to gain research experience in an area of special interest.

The Master of Science in Dentistry will only be offered in conjunction with a dental clinical specialty Certificate program offered by the College of Dental Medicine.  A student may not enroll in the Master of Science in Dentistry program if not also concurrently enrolled in a dental specialty program.


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The format outlined below is subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors, and continued relevance to the overall curriculum.

Year 1, Summer

GDENT 701 01Preclinical Instruction1
GDENT 710Head and Neck Anatomy Review0.5
GDENT 834Advanced Topics in Radiology1
Semester Total 2.5

Year 1, Fall

GDENT 800Research Methodologies1.5
GDENT 801Teaching Methods1.5
GDENT 878Oral Medicine2
GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GENDO 704Classic Literature Review2
GENDO 705Current Literature Review1
GENDO 783Clinical Case Review I2
Semester Total 11

Year 1, Spring

GDENT 868Advanced Oral and Maxillo Path2
GDNET 863Dental Ethics/Behavioral Mgmt1
GDENT 899Research Thesis2
GENDO 706Classic Literature Review II2
GENDO 716Current Literature Review II1
GENDO 784Clincal Case Review II2
Semester Total 10

Year 2, Summer

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GENDO 785Clinical Case Review III1
Semester Total 2

Year 2, Fall

GDENT 899Research Thesis1
GENDO 728Classic Literature Review III2
GENDO 729Current Literature Review III1
GENDO 786Clinical Case Review IV2
Semester Total 6

Year 2, Spring

GDENT 899Research Thesis3
GENDO 733Classic Literature Review IV2
GENDO 734Current Literature Review IV1
GENDO 787Clinical Case Review V2
Semester Total 8

Year 3, Summer

GENDO 788Clinical Case Review VI1
GDENT 899Research Thesis 1
Semester Total 2
Curriculum Total 41.5