Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies

Lauren Gellar, PhD, HCS Division Director.

The online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies is a degree completion program. It provides students with a foundation in healthcare studies and population health. Students are prepared to become informed and engaged health professionals who can think critically about health-related issues, work as part of a healthcare team, and develop innovative solutions that integrate comprehensive determinants of health.

This program is ideal for individuals that want to:

  • Complete their bachelor's degree online while continuing to work,
  • Increase their career advancement opportunities by obtaining a bachelor's degree,
  • Apply to a graduate program in the health professions upon completion of their bachelor's degree.

Students come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, including occupational therapist assistants, physical therapist assistants, medical assistants, radiologic technologists, and cardiovascular technologists. Most of our students are working professionals hoping to advance their careers by attaining a bachelor's degree.

The program also offers an option for students to enter into the Accelerated Pathway track in the Executive Master of Health Administration degree. This track allows qualified students to earn their EMHA in a shorter period of time.


Learn more about the admission steps and requirements for the program.


In addition to the coursework outlined below, students are required to attend a full-day virtual course orientation session at the beginning of each semester (August, January, May).

Year 1, Fall

HCS 300 Introduction to Health Behavior/Education 3
HCS 302 Foundations of Public Health 3
HCS 304 Social Determinants of Health 3
HCS 307 Academic and Scientific Writing 3
Semester Total 12

Year 1, Spring

HCS 310 Program Planning and Implement 3
HCS 312,
HAP 512
Overview of the US Health, or
US Health Care System
HCS 316 Etiology and Pathophysiology 3
HCS 324,
HAP 524
Principles of Epidemiology, or
HCS 330 Practicum Development 1
Semester Total 13

Year 1, Summer

HCS 320 Introduction to Health Policy 3
HCS 318 Evaluation of Health Promotion 3
HCS 314,
HAP 514
Applied Research & Statistics 3
HCS 412,
HAP 737
Leadership in the Health Profession, or
Organization Theory
HCS 331 Practicum Development II 1
Semester Total 13

Year 2, Fall

HCS 406 Global Health 3
HCS 410 Rural Public Health 3
HCS 322 Health and Disease Across the 3
HCS 480,
HAP 580
Guided Practicum, or
Guided Practicum Health Administration
Semester Total 12
Curriculum Total 50
Prerequisite Credit Hour Total 72
Required Credit Hour Total 122

* Required Courses for Accelerated Pathway/Advanced Standing for the BSHS to Master in Health Administration program.

** If addition work required.