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College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy at the Medical University of South Carolina, with a legacy extending over a century, has firmly established itself as a bastion of pharmaceutical education and innovation. Stemming from its inception during the Chester Arthur administration, the College has been at the forefront of pharmaceutical advancements shortly after Edison's pivotal light bulb invention. Originally introduced as a pioneering Department of Pharmacy in the Deep South, the program has continually evolved from granting graduate in pharmacy degrees in its budding stages to introducing the bachelor of science in pharmacy in 1936 and further expanding to offer a doctor of pharmacy degree in 1973 and a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences in 1982. The College's growth trajectory continued as it integrated with the USC College of Pharmacy in 2004, establishing the South Carolina College of Pharmacy. However, seeking individual accreditation, the MUSC College of Pharmacy carved out its path once again in 2015.

Today, the College stands tall, boasting a vibrant student body of over 300 students engaged in the PharmD program. In its quest to mold well-rounded pharmaceutical professionals, the College provides diverse academic paths. Students can delve deeper into research and outcomes by pursuing a combined PharmD/Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences or solely a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences through the College of Graduate Studies. Additionally, a unique joint PharmD/MBA program with The Citadel Graduate College stands as a testament to the College's commitment to broadening horizons. Further enhancing its stature in the pharmaceutical realm, the MUSC Medical Center, in collaboration with the College of Pharmacy, offers an esteemed Residency Program recognized as one of the country's largest, with 12 specialty tracks and an average of 20 residents.

Positioned in Charleston, South Carolina, the College seamlessly intertwines tradition with cutting-edge research and patient care. Through its top-tier faculty, comprehensive research centers, expansive experiential program with over 1000 preceptors worldwide, and a collaborative continuing education approach, the College consistently maintains high standards of success. This is evident in the impressive statistics: students from MUSC's College of Pharmacy rank among the nation's best in satisfaction, NAPLEX/MJPE scores, residency placements, and post-graduation employment. The faculty's dedication extends beyond classrooms, as seen in their extensive contributions to the National Institutes for Health, professional services, and various national accolades. Embodying the essence of shaping the future of healthcare, the College continues its tradition of producing some of pharmacy's most distinguished practitioners.


The Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy’s doctor of pharmacy program has been granted accredited status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.