Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) - Digital Dentistry

The Post-Doctoral program in Digital Dentistry is the first full-time program of its kind worldwide; it is a 2-year clinical program with an emphasis on prosthodontic rehabilitations using multiple digital systems and technologies. The objective of this program is to provide clinicians with a sound academic and clinical background in digital dentistry with a wide variety of technologies from over 20 different manufacturers. Emphasis is placed on training clinicians who are competent in all aspects of digital dentistry from guided surgical implant placement to 3D smile design, full mouth rehabilitation, and computer-assisted manufacturing of high-quality restorations. The program is enriched by comprehensive treatment planning involving full mouth rehabilitation, treatment of edentulism, and rehabilitation of the worn dentition. Contemporary esthetic materials and dental implant therapy are emphasized.

Candidates will have the opportunity to complete the Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) - Digital Dentistry track. This degree requires completion of a research project and defense of a thesis project. The didactic component of the program includes treatment planning seminars and literature review seminars in addition to formal lecture courses. The Master's degree program is completed simultaneously with the clinical Certificate program in Digital Dentistry and there is no option for a Certificate only program. A research project culminating in the defense of a thesis is mandatory, and preparation of a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal is strongly recommended.


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The format outlined below is subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors, and continued relevance to the overall curriculum.

Year 1, Summer

GDENT 710 Head and Neck Anatomy Review 0.5
GDENT 834 Advanced Topics in Radiology 1
DIGT 700 Digital Dentistry Basics 1.5
DIGT 706 Digital Smile Design 1
Semester Total 4

Year 1, Fall

GDENT 801 Teaching Methodologies 1.5
GDENT 878 Oral Medicine 1.5
GDENT 800 Research Methodologies 1.5
GDENT 899 Research Thesis 1
Interdiscipl Dent Impl 1  1
DIGT 708 Digital Dental Materials 1
DIGT 710 Structured Literature Review  1 
DIGT 712 Surgical Principles, Implant 2
DIGT 718 Case Review Portfolio 1  2
Semester Total 12.5

Year 1, Spring

GDENT 863 Dental Ethics/Behavioral Mgmt 1
Interdispl Dent Impl II  1
Innov & Resch in Oral Health  1
GDENT 868 Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial 2
GDENT 899 Research Thesis 1
DIGT 714 Advanced Digital Dentistry 2
DIGT 719 Case Review Portfolio 2  2
Semester Total 10

Year 2, Summer

GDENT 899 Research Thesis 1
DIGT 715 Advanced Digital Dentistry II 2
Semester Total 3

Year 2, Fall

DIGT 716 Advanced Digital Dentistry 3 2
DIGT 711
Structured Lit. Review II  1
GDENT 899 Research Thesis 1
DIGT 720 Case Review Portfolio 3  2
Semester Total 6

Year 2, Spring

GDENT 899 Research Thesis 1
DIGT 717 Advanced Digital Dentistry 4 2
DIGT 721 Case Review Portfolio 4  2
Semester Total 5
Curriculum Total