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College of Medicine

The College of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina boasts a storied history, having been founded in 1824. This distinguished establishment is the first medical school in the southern U.S. and ranks as the 10th medical school inaugurated in the country. Throughout its illustrious journey, the College of Medicine has conferred more than 9,000 medical degrees, evidencing its unwavering commitment to shaping medical professionals. Today, the College is a beacon of medical education and research, housing over 1400 dedicated faculty members. Additionally, the College is an epicenter of research and innovation, having secured over $250 million in extramural research funding just in the past year. The emphasis on diversity and its recognition for such efforts further cements its status as a national leader in medical education.

Since its inception nearly two centuries ago, the College of Medicine has consistently pioneered advancements in clinical teaching, and its esteemed faculty members have authored some of America's inaugural medical textbooks. Over 190 years, the College's unwavering dedication to training physicians and fostering scientists has remained evident. Today, the College encompasses 25 distinct departments, each contributing uniquely to the overarching mission of educating the next generation of physicians and public health scientists. Beyond its educational pursuits, the College of Medicine, in tandem with the broader Medical University of South Carolina, ardently supports the expansion of biomedical research, aiming to advance the horizons of healthcare for all. This mission sees its realization not just through top-tier research but also by nurturing robust programs in primary health care, catering to the community's diverse educational, research, and service needs. The College's commitment to ensuring optimal opportunities for all, regardless of their backgrounds, underscores its dedication to diversity and inclusive growth.

Guided by an overarching vision to "Cultivate excellent, compassionate, and equitable healthcare through innovation in education, research, and clinical service," the College of Medicine is unwavering in its mission. This mission, deeply rooted in innovation, seeks to offer comprehensive education, training, and research, all in the service of delivering compassionate healthcare. By fostering a richly diverse educational community, the College is meticulously laying the foundation for tomorrow's medical professionals and scientists, ensuring they are equipped to champion equitable health and wellness for the residents of South Carolina and far beyond.


The Medical University of South Carolina Office of Continuing Medical Education is currently accredited for four years, awarded by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Accreditation is awarded to CME providers that demonstrate Compliance with ACCME criteria. By maintaining our national accreditation, we have demonstrated an engagement with our environment in support of physician learning and change that is a part of a system for quality improvement.