Master in Public Health

The nation's transition to a new healthcare delivery model means that professionals with expertise in prevention and community-based research will be critical to ensuring adequate healthcare for all and for improving the health of the nation. The MPH degrees in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Health Behavior and Health Promotion will prepare the next generation of public health professionals.

Graduates from the MPH Generalist program will have general competency in the evaluation of status of health of diverse populations and in the development of rigorous plans and strategies to implement them to fulfill the primary objective of DPHS, namely to improve population health in and around the Lowcountry and across the state and globe. This program will strive to educate a diverse public health workforce, including working adults and students who may have difficulty with the logistics of attending a graduate degree program taught with in-person requirements, to be experts in innovative research, leadership and serve as advocates for improved and equitable population and community health across South Carolina and beyond. These goals align with MUSC's missions in disease prevention, patient and community wellness, and population health. The program will provide graduates marketable skills for careers in public health agencies, health departments, hospitals and other health care organizations, government regulatory agencies, not-for profit agencies, academic institutions, and industry.

The program’s vision is aligned with the Department of Public Health Sciences’ vision of cultivating a healthier tomorrow through leadership in Public Health Sciences and the Medical University of South Carolina’s Imagine MUSC 2020 Strategic Plan, with our focus on: Commitment to Patients and Families First, Build Healthy Communities, Embrace Diversity and Inclusion, Advance new Knowledge and Scientific Discoveries, Foster Innovative Education and Learning.

The program’s mission is to advance knowledge, skill, and scholarship in public health, population health, and data science through research, education, and service in synergistic and innovative programs.

The program’s goal is to train health professionals to enable positive health outcomes and enhance health equity in South Carolina, the Southeast region, the nation, and the globe.

The program will help students develop expertise and experience on how to evaluate the status of the health of diverse populations and to develop sound plans and strategies to implement health initiatives to improve population health.