Doctor of Dental Medicine | Curriculum

The curriculum is structured to allow for a balanced work load, time for remediation of weak students, a broadening of the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for the honor student to gain additional experience in areas of special interest. The first two years concentrate on preclinical dental science courses, but clinical observations and experiences are incorporated. The final two years concentrate on clinical practice.

Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Summer CELL-621 Gross & Neuroanatomy 8
    STOMA-736 Introduction to Dentistry 2.5
      Total Semester Hours 10.5
1 Fall CELL-628 Basic & Oral Histology 8
    CLNDM-805 Early Clinics I 3.5
    FXPRO-801 Pre-Clinical Occlusion I 2.5
    GENDT-801 Dental Morphology 3
    OHS-601 Dental Biochemistry 3
    DPOH-806 Preventive Dentistry 1
    OHS-870 Nutrition and Oral Health 1
    STOMA-802 Periodontics I 2
    IP-710 Transforming Health Care 2
    STOMA-813 Infection Control 1
    STOMA-881 Evidenced Based Dentistry .5
      Total Semester Hours 27.5
1 Spring CLNDM-806 Early Clinics II 3.5
    FXPRO-805 Fixed Prosthodontics I 2
    MATSC-801 Dental Materials 2.5
    MBIM-623 Dental Microbiology 4
    NSCS-621 Human Physiology 6
    OHS-624 Oral Immunology-Oral Biology 4
    PROS-820 Implant Prosthodontics I 1.5
    STOMA-880 Behavioral Science 2
      Total Semester Hours 25.5
2 Fall CLNDM-810 Early Clinics III 3
    ENDO-811 Endodontic Technique & Ration 1.5
    ENDO-815 Basic Endodontics 3
    FXPRO-806 Fixed Prosthodontics II 2.5
    GENDT-805 Operative I and Cariology 4.5
    PDENT-800 Pediatric Dentistry I .5
    ORTHO-801 Orthodontics I 2
    RMPRO-811 Complete Dentures Pros I 4.5
    STOMA-800 Introduction to Oral Radiology 1
    STOMA-836 Oral Radiographic Interpretation I 1
    STOMA-838 Oral Medicine I 1
      Total Semester Hours 24.5
2 Spring CLNDM-811 Early Clinics IV 3
    FXPRO-807 Fixed Prosthodontics III 2.5
    GENDT-830 Operative II 4
    OMFS-801 Oral Surgery I 1.5
    OMFS-805 Comp. Control of Pain/Anxiety Dentistry 1
    PCOL-621 Pharmacology 4
    PDENT-801 Pediatric Dentistry II 1
    ORTHO-802 Orthodontics II 2
    RMPRO-813 Complete Dentures II 1.5
    RMPRO-835 Removable Partial Pros 3.5
    STOMA-623 General & Systemic Pathology 3.5
    STOMA-907 Oral Medicine II 1
      Total Semester Hours 28.5
3 Summer CLNDM-812* Junior Clinics 6.5
    CLNDM-890 Orientation to Clinics 1
    CLNDM-896 Junior Attendance I 2
    GENDT-825 Comp Clinical Competency I .5
    OMFS-806 Clinical Pathopsys of Com Med Cond .5
    OMFS-810 Physical Diagnosis 1
    PEDOR-825 Pediatric/Orthodontic Lab 1
    PROS-821 Implant Prosthodontics II 1.5
    STOMA-817 Periodontics II 1.5
    GENDT-888  Preclinical Skills Assessment  .5
      Total Semester Hours 16
3 Fall CLNDM-813** Junior Clinics 13.5
    CLNDM-830 Continued Quality Improvement 1.5
    CLNDM-897 Junior Attendance II 3
    ENDO-813 Endo Special Topics 1
    PDENT-802 Pediatric Dentistry III 1
    OHS-823 Clinical Genetics 1
    STOMA-818 Periodontics III 1.5
    STOMA-839 Oral Pathology I 3
    CLNDM-874 Oral Rehab Clin Experience I 2
      Total Semester Hours 27.5
3 Spring CLNDM-814*** Junior Clinics 13.5
    CLNDM-827  Jr. Treatment Plan Clinic 1
    CLNDM-831 Continued Quality Improvement II 1.5
    CLNDM-898 Junior Attendance III 3
    CLNDM*841  Hospital Rotation in Oral Surgery


    MATSC-886 Independent Project 3
    PROS-830 Dental Implantology 1
    STOMA-840 Oral Pathology II 2
    STOMA-841 Public Health 1
    STOMA-905 Practice Management I 1
    CLNDM-875  Oral Rehab Clin Experience II  2 
    STOMA-873  Patient Management   1
      Total Semester Hours 30.5
4 Summer  CLNDM-850~ Senior Clinics 7
    CLNDM-892 Senior Attendance I 2.5
    GENDT-806 Esthetic Dentistry 1
    OMFS-885 Advanced Concepts in OMFS 1
    STOMA-845 Clinical Diagnostic Conference 2
    STOMA-850 Sr. Radiology: Advanced Topics 1
    CLNDM-876 Oral Rehab Clin Experience III 1
    CLNDM-834 Cont. Quality Improvement V 1.5
    STOMA-906  Practice Management II   1
      Total Semester Hours 18
Fall  CLNDM-832 Continued Quality Improvement III 1.5
    CLNDM-851« Senior Clinics 7
    CLNDM-893 Senior Attendance II 3
    GENDT-826 Comp Clinical Competency II .5
    GENDT-810 Advanced Dental Seminar Series 1.5
    STOMA-855 Advanced Treatment Planning 2.5
    CLNDM-877 Oral Rehab Clin Experience IV 1
      Total Semester Hours 17
 4 Spring  STOMA*848  EBD Capstone  .5 
    CLNDM-828  Sr. Treatment Plan Clinic 1
    CLNDM-833 Continued Quality Improvement IV 1.5
    CLNDM-845 Oral Surgery Rotation 1.5
    CLNDM-852+ Senior Clinics 12
    CLNDM-872 Oral Diagnosis Rotation 1.5
    CLNDM-880 Oral Head & Neck Cancer Clinical .5
    CLNDM-894 Senior Attendance III 3
    CLNDM-865 Off Campus Enrichment Sites .5
      Total Semester Hours 22
      Total Credit Hours 252

*Junior Clinics: CLNDM-812A, 812C, 812L, 812F, 812I, 812J, 812K

**Junior Clinics: CLNDM-813E, 813F, 813I, 813J, 813K

***Junior Clinics: CLNDM-814A, 814B, 814C, 814E, 814L, 814I, 814J, 814K

~Senior Clinics: CLNDM-850A, 850B, 850C, 850E, 850M, 850J,

«Senior Clinics: CLNDM-851C, 851E, 851J, 851I


+Senior Clinics: CLNDM-852N, 852B, 852C, 852E, 852M, 852J, 852L