College of Graduate Studies Financial Information

PhD students qualify for stipend and tuition support which may come from a variety of fund sources: College of Graduate Studies Dean’s office, mentors, training grants, or scholarships/fellowships.

Recipients of stipends and Dean’s tuition scholarships must be regular, full-time students (full time - registered for a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses or research on campus during each semester).

If funding gaps occur due to stipend caps on awards/grants, stipends can be supplemented up to the NIH cap by the student’s department or program; additionally, stipends may be supplemented above the NIH cap by a student’s secondary effort in an unrelated role at MUSC. Secondary effort cannot exceed 25% and requires the prior written approval of the academic program director and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Any failure of the student to perform satisfactorily must be reported promptly to the dean by the major advisor of the student’s Advisory Committee and the chairperson of the major department.

Graduate students may inquire about the availability of loans from the MUSC Office of Student Financial Aid Services by calling 843-792-2536