College of Graduate Studies Registration Information

First year students are registered for the first semester via the College’s Student Services Program Coordinator.  All students beyond the first semester, full and part‑time, are required to register on-line using the Student Life Portal. At the time of registration, a schedule of courses for the upcoming semester will be given to each student.  Courses may be chosen from this list, and students should discuss their course choices with the graduate coordinator or the chairperson of the student's advisory committee.  Only officially registered students may obtain credit on courses and/or research.  In order to maintain an "active" status, one must be registered each semester or on an approved leave of absence.  Any student who is not registered for course work in a given semester is considered to be "inactive."  Any student who is not on an approved leave of absence and who does not register for any course work for three consecutive semesters will be notified that they have been dropped from the rolls of the College of Graduate Studies and will have to reapply through the Admissions Committee for readmission to complete their program.

A graduate student who has completed all the requirements for a degree and plans to write the thesis/dissertation either in absentia or in residence, must register for at least 1 hour per semester and pay at the current semester hour rate until completion of a successful defense. Students who expect to defend at some point during a given semester are still required to register for that semester.  Students on stipends are required to maintain full‑time status at all times.  This requires registration for a total of at least 15 hours per semester.  Master students are required to register for a minimum of nine hours each semester.

Students who fail to comply with the College of Graduate Studies requirements in a timely fashion will be placed on a Dean’s hold at the Graduate Coordinator’s discretion.  Also, students repeatedly listed on the “pink sheet” list for failure to turn forms in within a timely manner will be placed on a Dean’s hold.  With a hold students cannot register and also will not receive transcripts, diploma’s. etc.