BS in Healthcare Studies | Curriculum


Students who have completed 72 semester hours, including all general education requirements, are eligible to apply. An Associate of Science degree from a South Carolina technical college is highly encouraged.  Students will complete courses online and attend on-campus sessions once a semester. Courses will be completed in one and a half years over four semesters. Courses will focus on the core functions of the US healthcare system and strategies to promote population health.

Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Fall HCS-300  Intro to Health Behavior/Educ 3
    HCS-302 Foundations of Public Health 3
    HCS-304 Social Determinants of Health 3
    HCS-307 Academic and Scientific Writing 3
    Total Semester Hours 12
1 Spring HCS-310 Program Planning and Implement 3
    HCS-312 Overview of the U.S. Health  3
    HCS-316 Etiology and Pathophysiology  3
    HCS-324 Principles of Epidemiology 3
    HCS-330  Practicum Development  
      Total Semester Hours 13
1 Summer HCS-320 Introduction to Health Policy 3
    HCS-318 Evaluation of Health Promotion 3
    HCS-314 Applied Research and Statistic 3
    HCS-412 Leadership in the Health Profe 3
      Total Semesters Hours 12
 2  Fall HCS-406 Global Health 3
    HCS-410 Rural Public Health 3
    HCS-322 Health and Disease Across the 3
    HCS*480  Guided Practicum 3
      Total Semester Hours 12
      Total Credit Hours 50
      Total Prerequisite Coursework Hours  72
      Total Required Hours 122