Cardiovascular Perfusion - Post Professional | Curriculum

The CVP curriculum spans 21 consecutive months and consists of didactic and clinical education components. During the first year, students take specific CVP course work which includes: Perfusion Technology I and II, Medical Instrumentation, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and Research Methods. Students will complete a research project related to clinical perfusion. CVP students are introduced to the medical care setting in the second semester with clinical observation in the operating room, cardiac catheterization laboratory, and echocardiography labs. The last two semesters are spent primarily in the operating room when students participate in clinical perfusion rotations.
Year  Semester   Course Credit Hours
1 Fall CVP-724 Quality Improvement and Inform 2
    CVP-772 Masters Research Project I 3
    CVP-726 Evidence-Based Medicine 2
      Total Semester Hours 7
1 Spring CVP-728 Leadership and Health Services 2
    CVP-773 Masters Research Project II 4
    CVP-730 Pathophysiology of Aging 1
      Total Semester Hours 7
1 Summer CVP-714 Cardiac Assist Devices 2
    CVP-774 Masters Research Project III 3
    CVP-719 Post Professional Pediatric  1
      Total Semester Hours 6
    Total Credit Hours 30
    Transfer Credits  10*
    Total Credits 30


**Transfer credits must be from an AC-PE accredited perfusion program and must not have been used as credits towards a first bachelor’s degree

**example of courses – pharmacology, physiology, pathophysiology