Master of Science in Nursing | Curriculum


The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree program offers the role specialization of primary care nurse practitioner. The M.S.N. curriculum requires core courses in scientific foundations for evidence-based practice, organizational and systems leadership and specialty focused competencies. Nurse practitioner students may select one of four population-focused specialties: adult-gerontology (A-GNP), family (FNP), Psychiatric Mental Health (PMH), or pediatric (PNP). Master’s prepared nurses seeking specialization as a nurse practitioner must complete the MSN NP curriculum. Nurse practitioner preparation requires 47-60 semester hours.

Visual display of course credit hour allocations are standardized by lecture/didactic hours, seminar hours, clinical/lab hours in the following format: 4 sh (2,0,2). Contact hours per credit hour will be a ratio as follows: lecture/didactic 1:1, seminar 2:1, and clinical/lab 3:1.

Nurse Practitioner (AGNP/FNP/PNP/PMH)
Post-BSN Plan of Study for the MSN Degree
Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Fall NRDNP-838 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 (3,0,0)
    NRDNP-830 Applied Hlth Care Econ & Fin 3 (3,0,0)
    NRDNP-860 App Epi Biostat Healthcare 4 (4,0,0)
      Total Semester Hours 10
1 Spring NRDNP-856 Adv Clin Assess Reasoning 6 (5,0,1)
    NRDNP-842 Advanced Pharmacology 4 (4,0,0)
Adv Health Policy and Advocacy  3 (3,0,0)
Scientific Underpinnings I
1 (1,0,0)
      Total Semester Hours 14
1 Summer NRDNP-864 Advanced Care Management I 6 (0,2,4)
Scientific Underpinnings II
1 (1,0,0)
      Total Semester Hours 7
2 Fall NRDNP-872 Scientific Underpinnings III
1 (1,0,0)
    NRDNP-865 Adv Care Management II 6 (0,2,4)
Informatics in Health Care Delivery
3 (3,0,0)
      Total Semester Hours 10
2 Spring NRDNP-866 Advanced Care Management III 6 (0,2,4)
    NRDNP-858 Evid Based Prac Qual Safety 3 (3,0,0)
    NRPHD-846 Frameworks for Leadership
3 (3,0,0)
      Total Semester Hours 12
2 Summer NRDNP-848B Role Practicum 7 (2,0,5)
      Total Semester Hours 7
      Total Credit Hours (minimum) 60 (36,6,18)