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Doctor of Pharmacy | Curriculum


This is a full-time degree program requiring four academic years, which includes introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs) and advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs) that must be completed during the summer semesters. A total of 214 hours (66 hours of pre-pharmacy and 148 hours of professional program courses) are required for completion of the Pharm.D. degree.


Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Fall COP-601 Foundations Patho & Pharm I 2
    COP-609  PharmChem & Pharmgenomics I 3
    COP-607 Dosage Forms & Drug Deliv Sys 4
    COP-615  Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 3
    COP-605 Intro to Pharmacy Practice 2
    COP-625  Pharmacy Calculations 1
    COP-627 Medical Terminology 1
    COP-620 Intro to Drug Information 1
    COP-630 Compounding & App Pharm Lab 1
      Total Semester Hours 18
1 Spring COP-603 Foundations Patho & Pharm II 4
    COP-611 PharmChem & Pharmgenomics II 3
    COP-616 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 2
    COP-618 Self Care & Comp Medicine 4
    IP-711 IP Foundations & Teamstepps 1
     IP-### IP Concentration Course of choice 1
    COP-640 Clinical Applications I 1
    COP-632 Intro to Community Pharm Lab 1
      Total Semester Hours 17
1 Summer COP-650 Intro Pharm Pract Exper Comm (or) 4
    COP-651 Advanced IPPE I - Community 4
      Total Semester Hours 4
2 Fall COP-702 Pathophys and Pharmacology I 3
    COP-712 Pharmacotherapy I 4
    COP-717 Clinical Microbiology 2
    COP-722 Biopharm & Pharmacokinetics 2
    COP-731 Intro. to Health Systems Lab 1
    COP-742 Clinical Applications II 1
      Elective* 1-3
      Total Semester Hours 14-16
2 Spring COP-704 Pathophys and Pharmacology II 3
    COP-714 Pharmacotherapy II 4
    COP-720 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3
    COP-725 Outcomes Design & Assessment 3
    COP-733 Applied Health Systems Lab 1
    COP-744 Clinical Applications III 1
      Elective* 1-3
      Total Semester Hours 16-18
2 Summer COP-750 Intro Pharm Prac Exp Hospital (or) 4
    COP-753 Advanced Hospital IPPE 4
      Total Semester Hours 4
3 Fall COP-806 Pathophysiology & Pharmac III 3
    COP-816 Pharmacotherapy III 4
    COP-804 Health Care Syst & Management 3
    COP-821 Advanced Drug Information 2
    COP-846 Clinical Applications IV 1
    COP-834 Applied Community Pharmacy Lab 1
      Elective* 1-3
      Total Semester Hours 15-17
3 Spring COP-808 Pathophys and Pharmacology IV 2
    COP-818 Pharmacotherapy IV 5
    COP-805 Pharmacy Law and Ethics 3
    COP-836 Clinical Assessment 3
    COP-848 Clinical Applications V 1
      Elective* 1-3
      Total Semester Hours 15-17
3 Summer   Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) x 1 4
      Total Semester Hours 4
4 Fall   APPE x 4-5 16-20
      Total Semester Hours 16-20
4 Spring   APPE x 4-5 16-20
      Total Semester Hours 16-20
      Total Credit Hours 214


*Typically, electives range from one to three credit hours. Students must complete eight hours of electives by the end of the third year.

·         Minimum 300 hours of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (as required by ACPE) will be satisfied by two four-credit (four-week) externships in the summers of the P1 and P2 years.

·         Minimum 1440 hours of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (as required by ACPE) will be satisfied by nine four-credit (one-month) externships in the P4 year. Courses include: two acute medicine, one ambulatory care, one community, one health-system, and four electives.

·         A one-credit Grand Rounds (COP 950) course will be required during the P4 year.

·         Longitudinal IPPE Hospital I + II - P3 Fall & Spring (COP-751 + COP-752)