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Poverty & the Impact on Healthcare Consumerism

Joni Nelson, PhD James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

The goal of “Poverty and the Impact on Healthcare Consumerism” is to cultivate empathetic care for underserved patients and populations. The online course is designed for multiple disciplines and was recognized nationally by the American Dental Associate for education and innovation.

This team is interested in pairing with CON and any other college focusing on poverty knowledge and skills.

Funded by HRSA for pre-doctoral training in peds dentistry

Virtual Reality Education

Virtual reality (Neuroanatomy) Rachel Penrod Martin – COM Neuroscience

It’s hard to turn 2D images into 3D in our brains so virtual reality helps.

Provides a novel resource to engage students and expands technology, outcomes are that students really like it but too early to show if impacts learning outcomes, Dr. Penrod-Martin is interested in working with others to build MUSC specific VR materials.

Interactive Whiteboard Technology

Melody Reibel,PhD, MSN-Ed, RN, College of Nursing

This video demonstrates how whiteboard technology can create a dynamic interactive learning environment, promote collaborative decision-making, encourage team-based work, help students identify patterns and cues to recognize early cues for patients, and promote interprofessional learning interventions.

Integration of telehealth as clinical pedagogy: Avatar case-based primary care environment

Angela Stanley, DNP, APRN-BC, PHCNS-BC, NEA-BC College of Nursing

By combining an avatar based primary care learning environment with a remote telehealth preceptor program, telehealth precepting is feasible. This initiative looked at in-person vs. telehealth and found no difference in outcomes, student evaluations, grades, or OSCEs at the end of the semester.