In 2024, we will celebrate MUSC’s 200th anniversary. To kick off our bicentennial year, we are inviting all MUSC alumni to celebrate together!

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Medical University of South Carolina sign on the Horseshoe in Charleston

In Memoriam

During our Golden Graduates celebration, we will recognize those alumni who have passed before us. Let us remember each one in our own special way.

If you notice the omission of an alumnus, please email Kelly Duffy directly at

Dr. Andrew T. Arnold
Dr. Robert H. Belding
Dr. Augustus M. Boland Jr.
Mr. James A. Bradford Jr.
Mrs. Sandra P. Brown
Dr. William J. Cain, Jr.
Mrs. Betty L. Cannon
Ms. Jametta A. Coles
Dr. Robert E. Craft
Dr. George R. Creech
Dr. John E. Cross
Dr. John Y. Davenport Jr.
Dr. Richard J. Davis
Dr. James K. Dias
Dr. William L. Dobbins Jr.
Dr. John O. Duvall
Dr. Michael B. Foran
Dr. Daniel E. Fulmer
Dr. William F. Gafford Jr.
Dr. Randall G. Heffron
Mrs. Catherine W. Hill
Dr. David W. Hiott
Dr. Jerry A. Howle
Mr. George H. Hughes
Dr. Thomas L. Jacobs
Mrs. Joyce D. Jenkins
Dr. R. Sidney Jones
Mr. Lloyd A. Jones
Dr. Preston A. Jones
Dr. Richard W. Katzberg
Ms. Margie A. Lain
Dr. William W. Lindler
Dr. G. W. Lowder Jr.
Dr. Charles B. Lowe
Mr. Noel J. Marbois
Dr. Marshall V. Marchbanks
Mrs. Thea W. Martin
Mr. Roger D. McCollum
Ms. Edith A. Merritt
Dr. Gary L. Mullins
Mr. Richard L. Mullins
Dr. M. Owens Nelson
Dr. David L. Olson
Mr. Donald L. O'Quinn
Dr. Joseph M. Pearson, Jr.
Dr. James W. Pitts Jr.
Ms. Judith M. Quessenberry
Dr. Rhea W. Richardson III
Mrs. Miriam T. Rivers
Mr. George D. Routon
Mrs. Helen S. Singleton
Mrs. Deloris P. Steward
Dr. Wayne M. Stewart
Ms. Kathleen V. Teachey
Dr. John D. Thomas III
Dr. Hugh S. Thompson
Dr. Winfield C. Towles
Dr. Allen T. Webb
Mrs. Kathryn B. White
Dr. Joseph B. Workman III